Let's get this party started

After years of wanting to learn how to play guitar, Skylar has reached success.  Hallelujah, Amen!!!  He bought his first guitar over a year ago.  And it was like we were gonna get lessons....tomorrow...next week.  Okay, like when??  Well finally a year or so has gone by and I met this guy at one of our home school parent meetings.  He graduated from home school last year and has a band of his own.  There was something about him that I liked, he seemed like a really nice kid that put God first in his life.  So I asked if he would like to make a little extra money teaching Skylar.  Turns out to be a perfect fit.  He even comes to the house!!! YAY!!!

So, he has had 5 lessons now and I am kicking myself for not getting him lessons sooner.  He sounds amazing and he LOVES it so much.  I'm very proud of him!!!!

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  1. That's way awesome! If your church has a worship band he could play in it eventually. How cool! :)