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A few years ago Kaden and I was introduced to the Music Appreciation Book 1 Collection from Zeezok Publishing.  We loved it and he has even carefully packed it away to bring with us in the RV full-time.  Recently we were able to try their newest collection, the Music Appreciation Book 2: for the Middle Grades.

This included the activity book, beautiful readers, instructions for creating a journal, and how to access all the online component.  It's geared for grades 5th-8th and should cover a full year of music for your kiddo.  Since we are in the middle of moving and some other life changes it may take us longer, but that is just fine.  This program is designed to work at your own pace.  But, they do provide a convenient recommended schedule at the beginning of each section to use as a reference.  Every 4-5 weeks you will get to learn about a new composer: Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Stephen Foster, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Edward McDowell.

Just like Book 1, Music Appreciation Book 2 is very easy to use and has everything you need to offer your child a beautiful Literature rich Music education.  Kaden has never been really musically inclined as far as playing an instrument.  So, I was surprised how he was always so willing and excited to read and work through the different activities each week.  He loved all the different components, like geography, mapping, timelines, family trees, the culture and history activities, the biographys and even recipes.  All of these things put together just makes the best learning experience for all types of learners. 

I always say it's not about the flashiness of the product or packaging.  Kids don't need or want gimmicks they want rich, full activities, thoughtful stories they can connect with and a space where they can connect the dots between the past, present and future.  

This music curriculum has it all and it will appeal to auditory, hands on, visual learners, kids with special needs, like Kaden and everything in between.  A new feature that makes this possible is the cool audio component provided with QR codes right from the student workbook and also in the beginning with the music list.  All of the videos and links are also available on their website if you prefer to not use this feature.  You can even purchase a lapbook or coloring book for kiddos who want even more of a hands on experience.

Basically, we started from the front of the book and slowly checked off one activity after another.  Each day started with him reading independently or together with me.  The activities take him longer to work through, so he has finish almost all of the readers, but still only on his 2nd composer as far as the activities go.  For him the writing prompts and journaling is hard for him because of motor skills.  But, I love them because it gets him creatively thinking and helps with his writing skills.  He loves all the little "Tid Bits" of fun facts and info and has had fun with his Sister working on all the activities involving reading sheet music.  We did all of the comprehension questions out loud together and even most of the quizzes like that too...it's just more enjoyable for both of us. :)  

So, what did we think?  We both loved it and look forward to finishing the rest of the student book.  I felt like it was well rounded and incorporated so much learning from multiple subjects all in one place.  He was thrilled that each day was a new activity that never seemed to get dry or boring.  I also appreciated that even though I don't play an instrument and have had no musical education I can still open this musical door to Kaden.  I believe Art and Music is so important for our children, offering Music to them with Zeezok Publishing is doable and affordable.

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