Praying a Little Prayer

What a crazy few weeks we have had.  Zooming here and there, trying to live as happy as we can with Autism always breathing down our backs.  But, this last week was almost too much and it wasn't just all about to do lists and Autism or even Lupus.  We found out some pretty shocking news.  News that left us crying till the wee morning hours that left us dragging throughout the following day.  
Someone we know that we spent a lot of time with over a year ago before our trip ended up taking their life.  But, not just that...before they took their life they took the life of someone else intentionally.  
We knew this person through a friend and Mahala spent the most time with him.  She is sad, angry, confused and speechless.  Honestly, I am too....just keeping my eyes on the Lord and a Prayer in my heart.

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