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 Have you ever used a resource or curriculum that your kids actually asked you to do even when school time is already done?  No, yeah me neither until we found out about an Online Program from K5 Learning.  This Online Program we received a 6 months subscription and are able to access the K5 Reading, K5 Math and K5 Spelling for up to 4 students.  It's geared towards kiddos in both Public and Homeschool so summer time or after school is a perfect time to use this supplemental program to improve in Math, Reading and Spelling.  And for each family's convenience they offer subscriptions on a monthly and annually basis.  Not bad.....now let's dig in!!

I first off need to say that with K5 Learning they offer FREE assessments in both Math and English.  Honestly I don't know what level Kaden is he is so all over the place.  And it really doesn't bother me to know, but if it's FREE....it's Me.  So, he took them and not only did it boost his confidence, but I was able to kind of toot my horn a little too.  Well done to the both of us!!! :)  Kaden is absolutely above average in the English department minus handwriting of course, so we really only did the Math portion of this program.  He out-reads and can spell words I need to sound out.  Math though he gets it differently, he processes it mentally and in his own crazy way so I wanted to really see where he was at.  He scored at the 5th grade level and what I loved about the print out that I received in an email was that it Visually showed you where he was.  And the little holes here and there was right there in front of me in black and white.  Funny thing is that while he will sit and gab for hours about inertia he can't tell you how many ounces are in a cup or how many feet are in a yard.  I guess you can say we skipped right over that.  Well, not anymore....thanks to K5 Learning, we have that and the Metric system down pat....I even learned a few things. :)

First, I want to briefly tell you about the other sections that we didn't use.  The Vocabulary and Spelling Tutor was interesting and Kaden did do these a handful of times.  It is kind of like hangman, so it did interest him, but I think it wasn't challenging enough for him to stick around.  But, later I did realize that I could actually add my own Spelling words for him to do.  I'm thinking this may be my golden ticket! :)  The Reading Lessons consisted of a short story along with comprehension questions.  I liked how words were stressed and highlighted with the passage that were important.  Kaden only did a few of them.  If I had known about K5 Learning with my other two kiddos I would have loved this portion.

So, what did we use?  The Math was our sweet spot in this program.  Kaden gets so overwhelmed when it comes to online learning and Math, so I will admit I was a little worried.  But, it was all for Nothing!!!!  I got the first tiny bit of resistance in the beginning when we logged on after the assessments.   He was all for the assessment because to him there was an end in sight, but a never ending Math program.....c'mon Mom!!!  Once we were all logged in to the left was a little riddle that changes every time you sign in.  And they are pretty silly and funny even to an old Mama like me....so his little tune changed and we did our first lesson.  What we normally do after the daily riddle is the recommended worksheets.  I don't even print them out, I just have him do them on a separate sheet of paper and then I scroll down and check his work.  Kaden has even been checking his own work beside me because he finds it totally exciting to check his own work.  Funny thing is, his sister is the same exact way. :)  Next we click on the Math lesson that takes us automatically to a Learning Objectives page and also has key words.  Then it goes into an explanation of the upcoming lesson along with animated visuals.  Kaden does think it's a little kiddie and wishes he could click forward to pass some of the animation.  But, he is a no frills kind of kiddo...he tolerates it though and prefers to work this program over any of the other things we are using right now.  After the demonstration of how to work the next lesson you can go over any key words and definitions again, you can stop or go on to the lesson.  After each portion there is a place to stop and they even have a huge stop light after the lesson for you to click Go or Stop.  This is one of my favorites things as a Special Needs Mama.  Kaden gets overwhelmed easily and I think him knowing that his Math time is divided into little chunks of time and if he starts feeling tense or anxious the next stop is right around the corner.  It's a great visual and it gives Kaden a sense of control over his Math time.

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So, what did we think?  We used it, enjoyed it and plan to continue using the Online Program into next year.  This is a parent's dream if you are looking to get some extra Math and English help.  Not only do you get the FREE assessments, but they offer so many different worksheets for FREE too.  Kaden doesn't feel like he's working, but he is and he's learning and retaining what he's learning.  I love seeing him smile and get ready to tackle each lesson with enthusiasm and not defeated before he even clicks a button or writes a single number down on paper.  If you are a public school family this would work for you as well.  By Kaden's reaction I think any kiddo in Elementary would benefit from this Program.  Make sure you Connect with K5 Learning today through Social Media!!!  And don't forget you can even get Full Access for 14 days for FREE...to try it out for your family....I know you will Love it too.
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