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I have never been a fan of talk radio and if I was to be completely honest I couldn't pick Rush Limbaugh out of a line up of five men.  But, several months ago my Husband was talking about this History book series that he wanted the kids to read.  He enjoys talk radio, anything to do with politics and if Rush Limbaugh is included then all the better.  I searched on Amazon and thought wow....they do look pretty good, down on the list it goes to be purchased over the summer. But, then the History fairies shinned a little light down on us and we were able to get our hands on the whole set, Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh to Review. 

From the moment that package came in the mail and we unwrapped the cool blue ribbon from around these books Kaden has had at least one of them in his hands at all times.  Kaden loves books and the presentation and amazing covers had him hooked before even opening them up.  He told me, "see Mom...History isn't boring"!  I want to also comment on the thick, high quality pages....wonderful for kids.  And the pictures, illustrations and art pieces are wonderful.  They pull you in and cause you to pause and contemplate what you just read.  They evoke exploration of them, these are not just quick drawings or hard to see old photos.  For example many times I will read to Kaden out-loud while he's bathing or eating lunch. While doing so he will ask me to place one of our special "research" book markers by the pictures so he can take a closer look at them. We love using our little markers to remind us to go back for whatever we want to go back and reference certain sections or words, even quotes from books we are reading.

The five books we received we decided to read in chronological order.  Basically in each of the books you get to Time-Travel with History Teacher Rush Revere, his horse Liberty and his Time-Traveling Crew.  Each book is filled with adventure, excitement, hope, bravery and of course exceptional Americans.  So, we started with book 1, the Year of 1620 Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  I know you know the story about the Pilgrims, Native Americans and the Mayflower.  But, have you ever experienced it first hand?  Can you imagine what it was like on that ship?  The smell, the anxiety, the storms, the swells of waves coming up onto the deck daring to bring you back into the vast ocean with it.  Something Kaden said to me after we finished this book really touched my heart.  Kaden struggles with emotions and hardly shows sympathy, not because he doesn't care, but he's just wired differently.  But, when I asked him if anything surprised him in the story after we had read it.  And he said he was shocked that the Puritans were treated so bad by some of the men on the Mayflower.  He shared how hard it must have been living in those conditions.  Feeling threatened, scared and hungry.  Thankfully they had their Faith, but it must have been hard to continue for as long as they did and keep on believing that they would make it to America.  He said more, but honestly I was teary eyed and could hardly concentrate on his words, because I was so impressed that he was able to open up so much and connect with the story.  That's good writing right there!!!

I was a little worried about starting with this book because I thought Kaden might get bored since we just finished early American History a few months ago.  But, it was just the opposite.  He was entranced, picking up on specifics and even putting names and places together from our past studies along with this book.  I'll go into more details later, but the Rush Revere Website is outstanding. Not only are there questions from Liberty at the back of this book, but on the Website there is a plethora of fun things to do along with a handy dandy Study Guide.  
I'll mention now that the Study Guide has questions to answer after each chapter for all of the books!  It also gives the Parent/Teacher a brief summary of each of the chapters too.  This comes in handy if you have a kiddo that reads independently and fast! :)  There is quizzes for each chapter, even for the Note from the Author section and Prologue.  I appreciated the time and detail that went into making these to go along with the books.

The 2nd Book is from the Year of 1765 ...Good Old Boston, Massachusetts Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  This was Kaden's Favorite book from this series that he's read so far.  Anything to do with Mr. Benjamin Franklin makes him all smiles.  This book is so action packed along with the addition of another Time-Travel Crew member joins Rush Revere and Liberty.  It was refreshing to experience some of Franklin's dazzling inventions through the eyes of the characters in the story.  The bifocals by far give the Time-Travelers a good laugh  Kaden knew about Franklin being a chief in the 1st ever volunteer fire department in Philadelphia, but the book offered a picture he had never seen before.  We were able to hank out with Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, not to mention a little action when Elizabeth wants to stay with King George to try and rewrite History.  But, the Crew has other plans and tricks her...Kaden thought that was funny, literally the last few chapters were read real late at night because he just couldn't stop.  Once again after the photo credits in the book are some great questions from Liberty.  One of Kaden's memorable parts of this book is when Freedom speaks with Samuel Adams who compliments her on her name.  He said,"it was a name worth having and a cause worth fighting for."  She said she wasn't a fighter and he was like "Nonsense!"  Mr. Adams said, "we were born to fight.  A baby fights for his first breath!  Our hearts fight to beat every second of every day.  If you stood between a hungry wolf who was after a younger sister or brother and you had a club in your hand, what would you do?"  Of course she said she would fight off the wolf.  He then reminded her that she is a fighter and worth fighting for!!!  Wow, I kind of got the chills just writing that.  I asked Kaden why that was his favorite part and he said he wanted to remember it for the next time he didn't feel important or was sad about his Autism.   He wanted to remember that he was a fighter and important too. :)

Book 3 finds us still in Boston in the Year of 1775 Rush Revere and the American Revolution.  We are still reading this book right now.  All of the books are a few pages over 200, and are geared for kiddos ages 9-13.  But, when you have a History buff and someone who likes to investigate as he reads it takes a little longer.  But, that's okay we have been having a lot of fun.  This book was a little different, one of the Time-Traveler's Dad is in the Military.  The boy is having a difficult time with the fact that his Dad is being deployed and come to find out he is being bullied.  But, after a few days with Paul Revere and almost getting inoculated for the small pox I think things are going to get a tad better.  So far Kaden's favorite part is the scary British ambush with Paul Revere and when Tommy was almost shot.  Yes, you read right, we just finished that part....crazy!

Book 4 takes us back to the Year 1814 and we are in Washington D.C. Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner.  Looks like the Redcoats are up to no good, aiming to burn and take down Washington.  Rush Revere takes the kids on a field trip hoping this will take Tommy's mind off of his sick Grandfather.  Not only do they get to meet James Madison, Betsy Ross and Francis Scott Key, but they were able to explore many Historical Landmarks.  The pictures, illustrations and documents do not let us down in this book....just like all the others.

The last book is all about the American elections, Leadership and the early Presidents Rush Revere and the Presidency.  Kaden had flipped through this one only, because he wanted to go in order, but figured that he could peek at it.  Kaden was really involved in this last election.  Keeping track of numbers and learning more about what it means to be President of our country.  This book is going to be perfect when we get to it.  I love how it is about one of the kids, Cam running for class President.  Cam has a lot to learn about being a good Leader.  Liberty, Rush Revere and Cam Time-Travel all the way back to a time when the Founding Fathers walked the earth.  Cam was able to see first hand what it takes to be a successful Leader and to have a heart for the people.  

Wow, that was a lot....but, I have to tell you that there is more.  Like I said briefly earlier about all the questions at the back of some of the books there is a wonderful Rush Revere Website that offers so much additional Fun and Learning possibilities.  Check out the Education Depot and the Homeschool Depot for those Study Guides I was talking about earlier.  And let's not forget the Activity Depot filled with games and activities galore and Rush Revere's Library!!! This Library is honestly Kaden's FAVORITE thing to do on the website, he loves reading all the information and looking at the pictures.

I think it's pretty clear that we LOVED these books and they honestly have brought a part of History to life for both Kaden and I.  We have been able to learn a lot and also inspired to seek out even more about the History of Our America.  If you are someone reluctant to learn History or if History gets you out of the bed in the morning you will fall in love with this series as we have.  There is so much you can do with all the resources given online to take the boring out of your American History lessons.  Don't just take my word for it click below and read some of the other Reviews.  And Make sure you Reach out and stay Connected with Rush Revere through Social Media today!
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