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Not a week goes by that I don't question myself in some way regarding my Homeschool.  I worry how I'm going to teach next year's Math, will they be able to write beautifully in Cursive.  That's surface stuff....I worry are they getting what they need to be productive people in this world?  How am I going to solve World hunger when I need to get Mahala's transcripts updated for her Senior year?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed, I can't be the only one....right?  Obviously not, because this next Review Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity is a New Self-Paced Program that is designed to throw us Mamas a life raft!  So, if you feel like you have been sinking or even floating around in those waters, this may be just what you have been praying for.

 So, what exactly is this Homeschool Rescue?  It's a self- paced online video course that consists of 5 Modules with lessons that include Homework, tons of resources.  I love resources and Heather does not skimp on them....and they are actually useful, helpful and Needed. :)  

Here is what is included in the Lessons.


In the first Module I wasn't sure I needed this program because I didn't feel like it was a "Triage" situation that I was living in.  What I found the most helpful with this Module was the Planing for my Worst Day.  Having a child with Autism can turn a day upside down in a heartbeat.  And when my world gets upside down sometimes it's hard to recover.  I Never thought to Plan out my Worst Day.  Now I have a list of things that each Kid can work on independently.  I even have it divided for Kaden depending if it's the worst day because of a Meltdown, Sensory Overload, sickness or just a plain bad day.  I have my list of people to reach out to and what I need for self care.  I even put together a few simple meal ideas and stocked the pantry with the must haves.  Gone are the days where we just turn to slugs and let the day drag on slowly praying nobody gets hurt. :)

Module 2 has been my most revealing....this may hurt a little.  But the Lesson on taking your time back was spiritual....I don't have people in my circle telling me what I heard from Heather.  I needed this, oh and here I will mention that there is a Facebook Group that you can join too.  I wasn't real active at all.....I'm a lone wolf, that needs to change.... I know.  But, it is a place to encourage and receive encourage.  Us Mamas need this more than once in awhile.  Back to Module 2 my most helpful homework assignment I did was to fill out my ideal week and then to see how I really did use my time.  I was able to see time wasters, minutes lost in transition or lost just because it wasn't planned.  I told you this may hurt.....but it feels much better now.....Thank You Heather!

I just finished Module 3 and I need to go back through it again....I love that you can watch as many times as you need.  Module 3 consists of curriculum, classrooms and supplies.  Kaden is so all over the board  and I need to use the resources more that Heather provided.  But, I was anxious to look at Module 4 because it is all about Reward Systems, Positive Reinforcement, creating Consequences and so much more.  I love the resources in this Module, I have a lot more to do in this Module....I just purchased The 5 Love Languages of Children that Heather recommended.

The last Module I haven't dived into yet, but I need to plunge into it as soon as I can.  It covers all things Teen and their own study skills and time management.  So much here I can not wait and I promise to share with you all once we get there in a few weeks. :)

So, what did I think?  Well, besides feeling like I just overhauled my life for the better I guess I can only say I Loved it.  It changed my thinking, it gave me concrete options and strategies to make my homeschool what I truly want it to be.  I feel Blessed to have been able to use this course.  I would suggest Homeschool Rescue to anyone that homeschools.  If this is your first year or 21st year, there is something within these Modules that will speak to you and breathe New Life into your Homeschool.  

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