Not a Typical Anything.....

 This Boy and his Dog are so precious!!!  Homer has been so amazing for not just Kaden, but our whole Family.  No matter how overwhelmed Kaden gets a snuggle from Homer changes his mood.  

When Homer does the Pressure command he gives Kaden just enough pressure from his weight being placed either across his back or legs.  This allows Kaden to come back in the room sort of.  Before this he would beat himself in the face and head either with his hands or by ramming the walls.  Kaden feels pain differently then typical children.  When he feels overwhelmed he goes into fight or flight....both are dangerous.  Having Homer helps his episodes to where 70% of the time they are under an hour long.  Since we have added medication he has improved even more.  It's a process, not just one change can happen and everything be typical.  Our lives will never be typical....I get that and accept it.  But, I do want his life to be as enjoyable and as safe as possible.  My Boy is Awesome!!!

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