Easter Prep 2017

We didn't do much this year for Easter besides decorating eggs, egg hunt, our Scripture egg reading and of course family dinner.  This year we did the dying the night before Easter, we just did regular food coloring and vinegar and a pan of cool whip with food coloring dripped on top of it.  We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome of that...like a light tie dye look.  
Skylar had to work, so he missed out on it.  Our first year without the whole family, it's times like today that I'm reminded he's married and starting a family of his own. 

We decided this year not to go to service.  Kaden is now in an older class filled with 3 grade levels.  Since the swap in September we have only been back to church 2 times.  He has to come into service with us and it's just too much for him right now.  So, instead we watch on tv...thankfully our church has recordings and a live feed.  I'm hoping that this Summer we can get him back in the special needs program, I'm just not sure how that will work now that he's in the bigger group.  Fingers crossed!

For Easter baskets I filled them with things to do and create.  I only gave Mahala and Kaden a chocolate bunny and a few pieces of candy each.  I've been trying to pull away from all the candy giving with all the Holidays.  Even the egg hunt was done with mostly empty eggs.  I bought a box of little packets of gold fish crackers, mini oreos and nutter-butters that they could trade in after the hunt.  Ten eggs for one little bag.  They were thrilled!!!  It was like hitting the lottery on this one!!!  We had a Blessed day celebrating the Living God who has Risen.  So very thankful for our Jesus who loved us all first before we even existed.

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