Faith In Every Footstep ~ REVIEW

My book shelf has been filling up fast this past month or so.  This next book I'm Reviewing for you was a huge surprise to me.  I was able to get my hot little hands on Faith In Every Footstep, written by Wesley Banks through Fly By Promotions.  It was a huge surprise because I couldn't get into the story....at first.  Chapter one just went over my head, chapter two was a little better, but it wasn't until chapter three that I felt like I was right there in the mix with this superstar rookie musher, Kyle Walker and his pack of dogs.  Not just any dogs, but a rare breed called the Carolina Grays that was discovered in the low lands of South Carolina.  They are all amazing dogs, but one is extra special and that's King, he's the leader in the pack.  This Kyle Walker and his pack were ready to race over 1,000 miles against other teams in one of mankind's toughest races....the 2003 Yukon Quest.  

Even though the writing style seemed a little off in the first few chapters to me once the story started rolling it was nonstop adventure and suspense. Of course I'm sure you can guess that while on this race there would be a few bumps along the way.  And believe me there were a few and without spoiling the story I will just say situations I didn't think would occur, like maybe a search and rescue along the way.  But it did and I was on the edge of my seat reading quickly to get through all of these adventures and decisions.

I appreciated that this sweet book of Fiction had a little bud of romance, but nothing off putting it was sweet.  The Author had a way of sharing the personality of the key characters.  You could feel the connections, especially with the dogs.  This part really touched my heart in a personal way.  My youngest Son has Autism and like Kyle has a little awkward way socially about him.  But, to his animals he is spiritually connected in a way that most people are not.  My Son has a service Dog and their relationship is so similar.  This one part in the book one of the Dogs, named Ria was shaking and the vet thought she was cold.  But, Kyle came real close and breathed along with her and repeated her name slowly along with the breaths and she relaxed.  He calmed her and this is what our service Dog does for my Son.  He will lay across him and calm him...it's beautiful and to see this in an unlikely book about a Sled Dog and a Musher was unbelievable, but welcoming.  Another part in the story that was really intense I could hardly catch my breath as I was reading.  Kyle was clapping his hands together and yelling Hike Hike!  He said even if the dogs can't hear him clapping they can sense it.

This book gave me many welcoming moments and I would recommend it to anyone who is a Dog Lover, someone who enjoys a Life Adventure, or looking for a descriptive Journey.  Any of those spike your interest then head on over now to Amazon and grab you a copy....you will be surprised and will love it too!  I'm ready for his next book in this Series.....can't wait! :)

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