New Rhythm To Life

Having a Kiddo with Autism has it's challenges to say the least.  Add in health issues that you struggle with daily and life can sometimes seem like a roller-coaster.  That's kind of where I've been at recently...just riding around, sometimes scared to death and then I turn a corner and I'm laughing myself silly.  It's our rhythm of life around here and I have accepted it.  No more fighting for perfect days, a spotless house and a filled calendar of fun outings.  
My priorities is to first get me some coffee and then more importantly is some Jesus.  The Family needs to be feed, both their bellies and their hearts before I even think about feeding their brains.  Then I focus on dinner and carving out time to nurture my marriage daily.  This is so important when you have kiddos, especially a kiddo on the spectrum.  It can take a toll on your marriage....on any relationship.

So, here is how today looked for us......
After being up all night with meltdowns and an episode of night terrors I got out of the bed at 10:30.  Yes, you read that correctly......Kaden was happily awake at 8am, later then his normal 7am and was ready to go like nothing had happened last night.....that is the song we sing over and over.  My Husband is amazing and got him settled downstairs while I slept.....my eyes were open all night until just before 5 this morning.  
I woke Mahala up, yes she was still sleeping because when Kaden doesn't sleep the whole house doesn't sleep.  And since she is the most amazing daughter she came downstairs and made sausage, eggs and bagels for the whole family while I nursed a cup of espresso drowned in cream.

After breakfast we read books and did some little chores around the house.  Mahala left with Skylar and Leslie to wash the dogs and run a few errands.  While they were gone Kaden and I baked bread from scratch, worked on decoding some scrambled Spelling Words and broke out a chalk set he hadn't opened yet from Christmas and he chalked the front porch like Van Gogh. 

Tonight I'm popping some ribs in the Insta pot, serving it with steamed broccoli from the Insta pot and our freshly baked bread.  After dinner we will probably watch a movie, read books up in bed followed by meditation and God willing lights out. 

I still call it a highly successful day!  Just go with the flow....breathe in breathe out.....



Chara Games 3 Seeds: Reap Where You Sow ~ REVIEW

We have a New FAVORITE Game......I was super excited to Review another game from Chara Games that created another game I recently Reviewed called Commissioned.  We love playing games around here and strategy games are the best.  While we were enjoying game nights with Commissioned we didn't hesitate to open up 3 Seeds as soon as it came in. 


Spring Rolls Anytime!!

I love Vietnamese Food!  When I first met my Hubby I didn't know the difference between it from any other Asian Cuisine.  Boy, am I a lucky girl..... to have many dinner choices in my recipe box!  
When I think of Vietnamese Food I think of Fresh, Simple Food.
One of my Favorite recipes that my Husband's Family enjoys is a perfect choice for the Summer time.  Yummy Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce.  But, I enjoy them in the Winter time with a nice bowl of broth soup.

All you need to have is some Rice Paper and Rice Vermicelli noodles.  Both can be found in Asian Markets and most Local Grocery Stores.

As for all the Goodies inside your rolls you need lot's of Fresh ingredients.... Dark Green lettuce, we use Romain, lots of Fresh sprigs of Mint and Cilantro.  Cilantro is my FAVORITE!!!!!  Also, you will need to slice some Cucumbers thinly and Carrots.  On this particular day I did not have carrots to use. :(  This Recipe does require a lot of Prep work, but in the end it will be worth all the chopping.

Now, as far as which protein to use, the sky is really the limit.  We almost always have Shrimp cut in half.  But, we pair it up with Roasted Chicken or Seared Beef.  This particular time we used Shrimp and Pork.  The main thing to REMEMBER is to slice it as thin as possible.  That way when you layer your ingredients on top of your Rice Paper it will stack nicely.

Okay, so here is what YOU do......First, take your round Rice Paper and dip it into a WARM bowl of water.  Carefully rotate it to make sure it is evenly wet.  Probably about 1 full minute in the water or bit less.  This is what takes it from a Hard Shrinky Dink Type Paper to a soft, wrap-able Circle.  :D  Lay it down on your plate, it may still be a tad hard, especially around the edges.  Then you place some Lettuce, Mint, Cilantro and Cucumbers in a straight line....kind of like your making a Burrito!  Then take a Pinch of noodles.  My Kiddos like a lot of Noodles!  I like more of the Veggies. 
Next, grab your Protein of choice.  I normally put 2 or 3 pieces of shrimp....which would equal 1-1 and 1/2 Shrimp and 2-3 slices of the other Protein.  Then I'm  all set to WRAP it Up!!  Fold the Short sides up and Tightly Roll, just like a Burrito.  Remember the Wrap is stretchy, so pull gently, but tight enough so that your Roll is not Sloppy!!

I Love to Dip mine in Peanut Sauce.  Which is made from Hoisen sauce, Peanut Butter, Soy Sauce and CoCo Ricco.  If you want the Full recipe you will need to look it up or email me.  I am bad about Measurements.  HAHAHAHA 

Enjoy Your Spring Rolls!!!!


School Time Goes a Little Like This....

I noticed that I don't share as much as I thought I did about our Homeschooling.  Weird, totally because I feel like my whole life is Homeschooling.  So I thought I would share on a more regular basis what we are up to these days.  Mahala is nearing the end of her Homeschool stint, but Kaden has many more fun years ahead.  I'll tell you about Mahala today......

Mahala is all over the place right now.  Her schooling looks kind of like a Quilt with pieces from here and there and everywhere.  Each morning her and I honestly start out slow...we usually cook together, enjoy our coffee or hot cocoa while we catch up on social media or watch a show from whatever series we are addicted to.  We use this time to just be.....having a younger sibling with Autism is difficult and you need that down time.  Kaden usually plays Minecraft while we do this, so it's actually kind of quiet.  

Right now my Daughter-in-Love is working with her in Math 3-4 days a week.  Math was never easy for me, I always struggled.  I struggled to the point that even easy Math tripped me up because I was so nervous! :)  We are concentrating on all things English, Literature and History for the next few months.  Then in April, May, June and July we will turn to Sciences like Botany and Chemistry along with continuing Math, Reading and any electives.  Her Electives are editing on the computer, photography and Music.

At least once a week, we focus on the Arts...Music and Artistry in some form.  We also have started a day a week that we practice Self-Care.  She will be a Wife and Mother one day to her own Kiddos, Nieces, Nephews, her Church and Community....not to mention a Job either for Herself or an employer.  So, I want her to learn now how to take care of herself...not to put herself last on the list.  She needs to show herself compassion and rest.  I am taking this last year and a half to really help her build an arsenal for herself to replenish her soul every single day.  I learned this only recently....I want to give her the tools now to try and save her some of the hurdles I had to jump over.

We also Meditate and do deep breathing techniques daily and right now the weather is not so good for Mommas with Lupus like myself...so in the Winter time I stay inside more.  But, once the weather looks better we will bring school outside as much as possible.  
So, that's about what Her school looks like right now.  More details soon about Specifics. :)


Not so Little RV Adventure~part1

So, it's been a few months since we have been home now from our RV trip.  Our cross country experience was amazing.....I was blown away with America!! 
While we traveled I journaled, took a ton of pictures and now I want to sit down and walk through it all with you.  I plan to share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Extremely Ugly!!  I tried to post while we were on the road, but unfortunately with spotty internet connection, family adventures and mishaps I just didn't get it all posted.  Now I can take the time and redeem myself with sharing our Not so Little RV Adventure!!!

The Day Before we are set to leave we spend ALL DAY loading the last bit of stuff into our 2017 Thor Windsport.  We are ready to call it a night so we can wake up first thing in the morning and head out.  So, we clear up the boxes, wrappers and trash and Hubby goes over and pushes the Slide Button to bring in our full wall unit Slide.  And guess what?  It wouldn't come in....we tried and tried, over and over and then we heard a huge POP!!!  

Nearly 2 hours into talking with a service rep and trying to safely get it in far enough so neighbors wouldn't crash into it we were exhausted.  It was a Friday night, so we had to sit and wait until Monday to see if we could bring the Windsport in.  That was the LONGEST weekend, we were all bummed, just deflated really.  First thing Monday morning we called and they said we could bring it in Tuesday.  But, he warned us that if parts were needed it could take up to 3 weeks to get them in and installed.  Honestly we didn't have that time...Hubby was off on his Sabbatical, we had no other choices.  He was off and this was cutting into our cross country time. :(

See what happens that following day Next!


The Thirsty Reader

No matter where we are Kaden is sure to find a cozy spot and a book.  I remember back on our RV trip he would pick up pamphlets from every place we stopped.  He is a sponge just soaking up information from anywhere and everywhere.   That was one of the cool things about our trip, knowledge was lurking around every corner just waiting to be discovered.
He reads so fast...it's almost impossible to quench his thirst for reading.  Leslie asked me if he comprehended what he read.  She had taken him the other day to a Book store where he read 3 books while she leisurely browsed new titles and sipped coffee.  The answer is......Absolutely!  

I'm always amazed when we take turns reading out-loud.....he reads super fast, I have to remind him that I need to comprehend too. :)  And when it's my turn to read 99% of the time he is on his tablet playing a game.  I know that sounds a little weird that I actually let him play while I read, but he can almost repeat the last several lines I read word for word.  I find he is antsy if he isn't doing something while I'm reading.  Sometimes he builds models of bridges or buildings, plays with slime or clay, but in the evening you will usually find us curled in the bed or on the couch with a book and his tablet.
This year we are looking at signing up for the Kindle Unlimited.....have you tried it?  If so, what are your thoughts? 


Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bible ~ REVIEW

Yay....it's time for the 1st Review of the year.  And what better way to celebrate the New Year then with an Updated Edition of the beloved children's Bible...The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz.  This cherished Children's Bible has been updated with cool 3D artwork in Honor of The Beginner's Bible 25th Anniversary!!!    I was so happy to be able to Review it because all three of my Kiddos have read the original.  When Skylar was just a few years old I bought him one and he enjoyed reading it for many years as did Mahala and now Kaden.  Having the newest edition ensures that future Grandkiddos will have the joy of reading it too.
As soon as Kaden opened the box and discovered what it was he was impressed.  It is so fresh and vibrantly colored, the characters leap up off the page.  It's 508 pages long and filled with over 90 Stories from the Bible.  I appreciate that the pages are sturdy and the cover is brilliant in color and design just like the original.  This Bible is geared for ages 4-8.  The youngest children with the bright art that pops out will grab their attention as you read to them and the older ones will stick around for the great stories.  With the many lessons and stories your Kiddos will be both entertain and educated with this delightful Bible.  I have found that it is wonderful to have by your kiddos bedside for bedtime reading, in the car for trips and even as a read aloud with the whole Family after dinner.
One of the great extras available to use along with The Beginner's Bible is all the online activities, games, trivia cards, placemats, coloring sheets, an App to download and much more.  Kaden's favorite was the online Jigsaw puzzles.  He also enjoyed the Jesus is Born and the Resurrection Video available online. 
Another one of the things I noticed in this New Edition is that the table of contents is visually easier to read and the stories are divided into New and Old Testament.  And the stories go in order and this was very pleasing to Kaden.....he likes "order".  Also, at the very back of the Bible is a few pages that feature a Dictionary.  A great start to build your little one's Biblical vocabulary.
Even though Kaden has read through the older edition many times he still read it all, but really spent a lot of time doing the online activities.  I would highly recommend The Beginner's Bible as an introduction to the Bible for any young child.  You can never start reading to them too early, especially the Lord's Word.  I truly feel like it's a quality, sturdy story Bible that will open the doors to your little one's daily relationship in God's Word.  Gifting a young child with The Beginner's Bible is a precious thing that I'm so thankful we did many years ago with my own Kiddos.  I believe giving my Kids this gift made it easier for them to remember the important stories in the Bible and appealed to them because of the chosen artwork for each of the stories. 
I encourage you to go online now and see for yourselfall that Zonderkidz has to offer.  See all the excitement over The Beginner's Bible on Social Media today.
Crew Disclaimer
The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}