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Since being on our 9+ week RV trip I can finally say we are in full school node now.  Most everything is unpacked, washed up and we are rested. :)  And that means now our energy is fully on school and little projects here and there.  This next Review I was so thrilled to be apart of.  Middlebury Interactive Languages has been a company we have Reviewed for before and have not only enjoyed it, but actually learn and retain what we have learned. 
This time we were able to Review High School German 1 from Middlebury Interactive Languages.  I was excited Mahala decided to learn German.  When she was younger and Skylar was taking German she picked up her colors and numbers, but nothing fluent.  So, we still felt like it was starting from scratch.

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We were already familiar with Middlebury Interactive Languages, so it was easy for us to Log in quickly and get started.  But, I do remember when we Reviewed their Spanish Program it was a fast and simple set up.  We had no problems making an account and starting within minutes.  Middlebury Interactive Languages provides online courses in Spanish, French, German and Chinese for your Kiddos in grades K-12, each designed by linguistic experts and self-paced.  Their courses provide an interactive immersion-style learning experience.  That sounds effective just saying that out loud. :)  In the past and even today with the High School German 1 I feel their method of teaching is what makes their Programs different and effective.  I can't tell you how many Spanish and Chinese programs we have tried....it was all boring memorization and fill in the blanks.  Not to mention sometimes it's hard to make out what the instructor is saying....not a good thing.  We have been using the High School German 1 and have not had any of those problems.  The speakers are clear, instructions are simple and the assignments are well organized.  Interaction with the lessons is the best way to learn and Mahala said it's better then just getting bogged down with repetition.  Each lesson offers something fun and new to provide a positive learning environment.  By combining written words, pictures, audio and short videos you will find that the information gets plastered into the mind not just stored in the short term memory box.  Which is exactly what we want to have happen if we ever expect to be fluent in another language.
Mahala started the program while we were still on the RV trip, she had plenty of time as we drove to get though a lesson almost every single day 4 days a week.  She has a notebook filled with notes and a folder where she keeps all the vocabulary and phrases printed out.  Twice a week I go over what she's working on verbally.  This program can be done completely independently, I just check in and go over what she is learning.  I Love at this point in her education that I have this option for her to learn another language independently.  Let's face it....her brain is much younger then mine. :)
So, what did we think?  We think this is one of the Best Foreign Language Programs Ever.....I would suggest anyone, young or old to give Middlebury Interactive Languages a try if you are wanting to not only learn a new language, but also learn a little about the culture and people who use this language.  We have enjoyed broadening our knowledge about Germany and the beautiful people and customs from there.  We definitely will continue on with our German and hopefully Kaden will follow in his Sister's footsteps.

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

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