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Like I have said a million times before I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of Homeschooling Momma and my Kiddos have become accustom to waking up to something new each day.  One of the pitfalls to that is maybe not always having a full days worth of material on hand or enough pieces to pull together a memorable unit study.  This especially happens when it comes to working with Kaden.  He is always exploring new ideas and investigating Historical people.....this keeps me on the look out all the time for what I can stash away or add onto something I have planned in the near future.  Right before we left on our RV trip I was Blessed to be able to have another round at Reviewing the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com
The Subscription is for grades K-12 and the 1st time I focused more on the HighSchool material....this time I was able to concentrate more on the younger side.  Help Teaching Pro Subscription offers printable worksheets, online testing, activities, allows you to generate your own worksheets and so much more...it really is a Homeschooling Mom's DREAM!
http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/09%20-%20September/14%20-%20Help%20Teaching%20No%202/Grade%204%20Fall%20Activities_zpsueen38sp.jpgYou can head over right now and have immediate access to some of their printables, tests and content for FREE.   But, there is so much more offered with the Pro Subscription, at the affordable amount of only $24.95 for a whole year, you will be glade you added it to your Homeschool Tool Kit.

Since I was very familiar with this resource it took absolutely no time at all to dive in and get started, but I remember the 1st time I used this the set up was crazy fast and easy.  And each time I log in I can find what I need quickly and just like at Target I usually end up finding more then I knew I needed. :)

For Kaden on this RV trip I decided to stick with State related lessons and we went off of a few of his interests right now....Computers, Tesla, Constellations and Post War Inventions.  This 9 year old has me on my toes.  So, what did I find?  Well, first I looked under his grade level and went through each Subject.  I found Reading and tests about Gators...totally awesome and we were able to complete that after a trip to Gatorland in FL.  I was able to supplement our day at the Omaha Zoo with material on various Wildlife and Biomes.  These I ended up not even printing I had him do them right on the computer.  I did end up looking at some older grade material for him too and I found various topics in the Science portion that had him highly captivated.  
Something I found helpful and interesting was the Spelling section.  Kaden enjoyed "correcting" the misspelled word.  Instead of having him spell out listed words he would go through the multiple answers to find the correct spelling.  As for the History....there were so many Tests, Quizzes and Worksheets I can't even begin to explain each of them to you.  Let me put it this way....from Mount Rushmore to St. Augustine, to the Alamo and back to CA for the Gold Rush I found material to supplement Kaden's education and experience at each of those places. 

Okay....what else is there?  Well, Kaden loves Math so I gave him free range as that goes.  He was able to log on and view lessons regarding let's say...Geometry.  He was able to read, view illustrations and watch a video presentation.  I LOVE that the lessons offered are not all boring facts.  There are many illustrations, videos, game links and quizzes and I feel comfortable knowing that there are Khan Academy videos and other online educational sources like Bozeman Science and Educator.com used throughout the lessons. These were all easy to watch from his tablet, so it was available anytime....anywhere. :)  You remember me mentioning the constellations?  So, the lesson I found had offered an introduction to Summer Constellations.  PERFECT!  A great illustration was provided along with Directions and Practice Questions.  The Video Lesson was not too long, just straight to the point and gave plenty of info to complete the interactive activity and worksheets.  Also they provided direct links to related lessons and further learning resources.  Another little gem to know is that you can also generate your own test and offer fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true or false...you get the picture.  How amazing is that?  I did not utilize this yet on the trip, but I have at home in the past and plan to do it in the future.

So, what did I think?  I honestly could not have homeschooled on this trip without this amazing gift!  I mean that....there are more days then not that I am tired or busy prepping for our next outing, meal or campsite and know that the Kids need a little something to get their brains pumping, but I just can't stretch too thin.  With this though I was able to look ahead, literally schedule it out for the kids to do on their own.  All I have to say is......."Kids....if you want extra game or tv time then hit HTP".  And they know where to go and what to do.  Can I say Hallelujah!!!  And that's not including all the goodies I already had printed out and prepacked together.  Then the Kids could grab their folders and work independently.

I urge you to head over now and take a look at the Help Teaching Pro Subscription, you wont be disappointed.  See what HelpTeaching.com has going on with Social Media!

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