Eat Like a Camper

I get asked frequently how in the world do I cook while on the road and stick to all our dietary needs!?!?!  Well, the answer is....I don't!  I decided when we were going to take this little adventure that somethings were going to need to be tweeked and some where going to get tossed right out the window.  And you know what?  Nobody has died yet!  There are several things that we wouldn't give up or tweek like daily vitamins and essential oil routines.  Water only has been mixed with a few rootbeers and gatorades.  We have had not a drop of milk and only dairy free cheese.....but our lips have touched real icecream.  Veggies have come strait from a dag and we have even bought bagles and bread.  I figure it's a rhythum in our lives right now and I decided to go with it and as long as we are semi happy then that's good enough for me.  One thing I'm proud of is I can say we are still Big Yellow Arch FREE....4+ years still, I can almost count on both hands how many times we ate outside of the campground on this 9 week journey.....not counting the week Skylar and Leslie flew out and met us. 

Normally, on days we are driving inbetween campsite...like if we are dry camping or waking up early to drive 6 hours to our next destination; we will pull out the blender or as healthy of a muffin I can find.  I also, use premade breakfast sandwiches from time to time.  But, nothing beats eggs and sausage cooked outside with a nice hot cup of joe in your hands.  This is what we eat most days or an omelet.  
Lunch is always leftovers, salads or now sandwiches.  We have been staying away from bread for a loooooong time.  But, this trip we have had to modify that and we tend to do helf sandwiches, meat and cheese roll ups or salads.  Most of the time the bread is not finished on mine and Kaden's plate and we are the ones who need to stay away from it.  Both Kaden and I will have our hot dogs and burgers bun-less though....some things have not changed.  I love to cut up melons, grapes and apples and stir in a little lemon and some orange slices.....toss it all in little ziplock bags and when we hike, go to the pool or for a quick snack we just grab a few of them.

Dinners we tend to grill up a ton of seasoned chicken breasts once a week, grill a few burgers and hotdogs and throw meat in the instapot for stews or pulled pork sandwiches.  These are divided out over quinoa, salad, steamed veggies and a few times we have had GF noodles.  We aren't super exciting....but it keeps my kid's bellies filled, warm and happy......also the bonus of finding a fantastic ice cream brand that we can't get back at home so we have been splurging BIG time!
Time to wash up some dishes....till next time!

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