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We have been huge Apologia Educational Ministries fans for a long time now.  We love Science in this house and almost everything that comes with it...minus the messy clean up duty that generally follows every Science experiment we've ever tried.  But, it's ok, I enjoy learning and having fun right along side my Kiddos.  When Kaden was just 4 years old I ordered the complete Exploring Creation Series.  And he's been done with all of them for some time now.  When I heard that they were coming out with an Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition I was excited.  I was excited to see how they could possibly make it any better then what it already was.  The past several weeks I have had the opportunity to use and Review the Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition from Apologia Educational Ministries with Kaden.  The Author Jeanie Fulbright has worked with NASA Engineers to expanded the curriculum by including new Amazing full-color visually stimulating illustrations along with updates info that's transpired in the last 12 years.

It was late the night before we were supposed to leave on our cross country RV trip and Kaden noticed I had placed the New Astronomy Set in his Work box.  He was like what is this...I want to read it now.  I wanted to see if he noticed that it was the same thing he had done a few years back, just revised.  A few minutes in he looked up and and looked at the cover and then read some more.  When we were finished loading up the RV I sat down beside him and asked him about what he read and he chatted on and on about the first few chapters.  And like I predicted he did remember a lot of it and recognized it was similar to what he had learned before.  I told him about the Review and showed him everything that we received.....
Before we used the Jr. Notebooking Journal, so this time he was excited to be able to use the regular Notebooking Journal.  As he flipped through it he pointed out the differences between his finished Jr. Notebooking Journal and the new regular one.  He said it was better because it didn't have coloring pages.  He's not thrilled with coloring. :(  

So, let's see....how did we use this product?  We are on the road, so I had to be a little creative.  Normally I would start from the beginning and go straight through.  There is a wonderful schedule provided that we normally would go by.  But, for this time in our lives we need even more flexibility, so we skipped around depending on what was available and where we were.  Let me just say that most days Kaden listened to the Audio CD with no complaints and it was a lifesaver on days we were driving or busy.  Then we would pick out possible activities and he worked in his notebook a few days a week.

One of the things I liked the most is the color pages in the Notebooking Journals.  Wow, it really makes a difference....having full color on the pages is friendly and cheerful.  Before it was harder to get Kaden to complete the pages, but this one was no problem at all.  He was always willing to complete his work....that made me a happy camper, literally!!  The major thing that I like about using this curriculum is the way the information is presented.  They leave room for your child to be inspired and to go off on their own to create or explore their world for themselves.  Kaden used his legos to build many creations after reading about space rovers.  Listening to him talk about what he's learned while walking through Disney's Epcot last week assured me that this curriculum has all he needs to thrive and excel in Science.  

A Bonus I recently found out that just recently they released Astronomy 2nd Edition Science Kit.  This Kit gives you 62 amazing activities*****21 of them are exclusive to this Kit.  Your Kiddo will be able to take what they learned in the book and workbook to the next level....check it out, I'm ordering mine asap!

Would we use this again?  For sure, this will be our main Science this year until he finishes.  We have projects lined up for when we get home and his calendar for the year is marked and ready to go when we get back.  If you like a Godly World View curriculum this is your ticket to success!  If you like an independent program that allows some hands on this is for you....especially if you like a slightly relaxed schedule that doesn't require a ton of planning and organizing on your part.

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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