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For a few years now we have tried to change our lifestyle and become more aware of what goes both in and on our bodies.  Having a child with Autism creates dietary struggles and it effects the whole Family.  We have changed numerous things, but I don't want Kaden or anyone in the Family to think of it like we are doing without or they are missing something.  We try to include as much investigation as we can as a Family, like for over a year now we keep a loose food log.  Not for counting calories, but more for like a "Belly Check" to see how our bodies react to certain foods.  Since we have been more conscious of what we put in and on our bodies I was interested in adding Health and Wellness to our Homeschool.  I've done so with cooking classes, physical education and workbook programs.  I was excited to see a Review opportunity from HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company pop up.  Their WAY Comes Home Kit touched on all the things I was looking for in a Health program for our Family.http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/08%20-%20August/29%20-%20%20HomeSchool%20Scholastics/WAY-CH-Still-14_zps1uwetnd7.jpg
The WAY Comes Home Kit is specially made Health and Wellness program for Homeschoolers by Homeschoolers.  I found out that this program is very Hands On and there is totally something for every kind of learner.  The program comes with hands on activities, workbooks, videos and tools to use and really take what they learn and put it in action....not to mention it's all centered around a Christian perspective.  Kaden has enjoyed tying his daily Bible reading into many of the lessons we've done with this program. :)

When we opened our box when all our materials arrived it was like Christmas!  Kaden was so excited when he saw the Stethoscope....yes, a Stethoscope! :)  Here is a quick list of the goodies we Received for this Review.

*Parent Guide *3 Way Journals *My Plate Booklet *Cardstock Cutout Activities * HUGE MyPyramid for Kids Poster *Stethoscope *Scales with weights *Finger Printing Kit * DVD and even more Goodies to have Fun and Learn with the Whole Family! 

Once we organized all our essentials in a Rubbermaid for this program I decided to skim through the Parent Guide.  I was happy to see how clear and helpful it was.  Sometimes I feel the Teacher's or Parent's guides get the short end of the stick as far as the amount of effort that's put in creating it.  Not with WAY Comes Home Kit, the Parent Guide is colorful, easy to read and is filled with helpful hints, reminders and even Extras to do with your Kiddos on the weekends.  The Parent Prep was majorly helpful....especially right now as we are cruising on our RV trip and still happily doing our Health and Wellness Program with WAY Comes Home Kit.
I decided to have Kaden work through the program on average 3 days a week.  We used the WAY Me Mysteries that's geared for grades 2-3.  He really like detective work and observation and that's exactly how this portion is set up.  YAY us!  Right away it started him off walking.  We were about to start our cross country trip when we began this program.  I knew there was going to be a ton of walking so this was perfect.  He would grab Mahala or Dad and start walking, especially down by the lake.  Every single day, it was for school and our health he would say. :) Kaden's Favorite part was the exercise and dances from the DVD.  And he really enjoyed incorporating the Bible into his study with the Pray and Reflect section.  He also LOVED using the stethoscope and scale.  

My Favorite part of the Program was the WAY Comes Home to MYPlate.  We struggle with Kaden's eating, from what he can and will eat to when and how much.  A lot of the times his eating patterns are based on his Sensory needs....not a good thing.  With this Booklet I was able to gather the whole Family around the table and educate us all.  We Kind of did this our way and based it on our needs.  We decided 2 times a week we would spend time as a Family working through it.  The first week we talked about the old pyramid and how it's changed.  We also discussed dietary issues our Family faces.  Then we focused on Fruits along with Veggies the following week.  Afterwards we went through grains, but for our Family we really limit all grains so this took us off onto another path.  I appreciate that even though this is a planned organized program you can still customize it to fit your Family and their Needs.  Right now we are learning about Proteins and still need to cover oils and Dairy.  

So, what did I think?  I Loved this program and plan to continue using it.  The DVD was fantastic, not too silly that Kaden would lose interest....a major plus in my book.  It was easy to slip into our schedule even on the road.  I think any Family would benefit from using this program as a Family Project to get to know what your putting in your body without all the loaded down version in huge textbooks.  Just simple facts with hands on activities for the whole Family to improve their Health and get their Bodies moving!!!!
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WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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