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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/08%20-%20August/16%20-%20%20Foreign%20Languages%20for%20Kids%20by%20Kids/beginner-spanish-set2_zpsomki6k3q.jpgI know I have written many many times how I have tried to learn Spanish in college and along with the Kiddos during various Spanish Product Reviews.  I have yet to find something that broke down my language barrier, but the Kids have had a different experience when it comes to learning languages and I am thankful for that.  Recently we were given the opportunity to Review the Spanish Program Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids.

Most programs are geared for multiple ages, but when you have a Kiddo with Autism it may prove to be a difficult task trying to find one that works along with them and not against them.  Kaden has a desire to learn another language, but the pace and the way the language is presented is usually not one he can continue working for more then a week or so.  When I was looking around the Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids website I knew this was designed perfectly for Kaden.  I'm going to tell you why in just a minute.  It's obvious that typical learning Kiddos would do well with this program....I mean it's taught just how we learned our native language as children.  I would recommend this to any Family with Kiddos ages 3 and older....even adults will be able to pick up a thing or two right along with them.

For this Review I was given the Starter Set 1 which included:
*DVD  (Level 1-3)
*Teacher's Guide for all 3 levels
*3 workbooks that go along with the DVD
*A cool Word Sticker set
*Flashcard set with Pictures and Spanish vocabulary for each New word learned
*For a Limited Time they include a Card Game ~ Go Squish!

When we 1st got it I looked it over and decided right away that I would be bringing it along with us when we went on our RV trip.  There are 3 workbooks, but at the moment we have only recently finished the 1st one.  It's called Basketballs aren't for Breakfast.  With Kaden he gets very overwhelmed with complicated instructions or long lists of to-dos.  I was pleasantly surprised by the customization the program offered us.  We could tailor it to his capabilities without the frustration.  I had him go through the workbook, that's when I realized this program wasn't a start on page 1 and go straight through the book.  As you work through the lessons you skip around in the workbook.  This was a little frustrating at times for Kaden, but it gave us an opportunity to work on patience and acceptance.  We worked on this almost 3 days a week.  Or I should say written book work was about 3 days a week.  We also worked on Flashcards, labeling the RV with stickers and playing games. 
A typical lesson started with a Video section....I have to say the 1st time Kaden was shocked, because it was all in Spanish!  I remember in the beginning I would have him try to figure out what was going on in the video on his own.  After the Video Segment we usually did some sort of Activity or two depending on the lesson.  Those Activities were everything from Workbook Pages, Review Game, Placing Stickers around, Flashcards and Games.  Since Kaden is a hands on learner he really blossomed most when we put in place a few of the Extended Learning Activities mentioned in the workbooks.  Some of these involved Cooking, Drawing and Music.....great additions to our Program.

The things we noticed that we enjoyed most was the quality of the videos.  Having a Kiddo with Autism, you just except that Social Skills are not their strength.  Kaden was mesmerized by the kids interactions in daily life.  These videos depicted a typical day in the life.  Kaden could relate and I noticed he would even mimic what he was seeing.  And that was on top of learning everyday Spanish.  So, it you have a Kiddo on the Spectrum you may find it helps with much more then just learning Spanish.  That's why I needed to share that little Bonus with you! :)  The Workbooks are bright and bold, easy to read and the pages are sturdy.  The Sticker Set was super fun and I'm going to just be honest here.....I AM THANKFUL I DID NOT HAVE TO MAKE A MILLION FLASHCARDS WITH SPANISH WORDS WRITTEN ON THEM!  They did all the hard work for me!!!  YAY!!! :D  Kaden had an Amazing time putting them all around the RV.  Such a Fun thing to do and everywhere you look you are reminded of the New Spanish Words you are learning.  The Flashcards are also high quality and I appreciate that.  They are sturdy, brightly colored and the images are nice and clear.  We also received the Go Squish Card Game, which is similar to Go Fish.   We have tried to play it a few times, but it was a little much for him while we are out on the road.  We decided when we stop for awhile in Florida we will try it again.  Mahala and I played and it was fun....just challenging enough to make you want to play it over and over again.

So, what did I think?  I hands down Loved it....I can't wait to continue on this journey with Kaden as we open a door that I thought might be closed to him.  I really thought he may not be able to learn another language.  Well, I was proved otherwise and I'm thrilled to say he knows almost every single Spanish Sticker for book one.  That has given him confidence and that fills a Mom's heart with joy!!  This program would be great for Kiddos in Elementary and even a little younger and older then that.  If your child hasn't been able to hack some of the other programs, maybe it's too stressful or overwhelming....try this program.  It's taught completely different and in a more natural way. 
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Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

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