What's Happining....

I'm finished, our route is all mapped out and I'm not changing another thing.  Six times I've rewritten our Big Trip route and I'm finally satisfied and it fits within our time frame.  Now to finish gathering supplies, pack the RV and go!  Just a few more weeks and it will just be us, the map and the open road!  I'm so looking forward to this!!!
The other day we dropped off the RV to get a few things fixed that's under warranty.  It's impossible to believe I know....that we need things fixed on a brand new RV.  Fingers crossed it will be back in time and it wont cut into vacation time.  
Also, I forgot to post the curtains I made for the RV.  I wanted to give the kids each like a privacy curtain and then I did one for the bathroom area.  I don't know how to sew, so I kind of cheated and did the iron on bonding strips instead of sewing.  They turned out beautiful and the kids Love them!!!  
We also celebrated Leslie's 21st Birthday the other day too.  She loves chocolate, so I made her a chocolate and nutella cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.  Yeah, I would say that it was delicious!!! 

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