Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-1017 ~ REVIEW

I know you know I can not use technology to organize my time, week, school work or anything for that matter.  I am just a simple notebook and pencil kind of girl, always have been.  I have used many different kinds of planners and calendars over the years and have found the more simple the better.  I was asked to Review the Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-1017($29) from The Old Schoolhouse and was eager to get it in my little hands.   

Okay, so I'm just now figuring out a new Summer schedule, so I still have a lot of sorting out to do and this Planner doesn't start until July.  So, I'm going to go over what's included in the 192 page Planner like we are sitting together at my Breakfast table having coffee.  First off I love the wide spiral bound and glossy covers.  You open it up and right on the cover is a Beautiful Encouraging letter from Gena Suarez. :)  You have your Table of Contents and your 2016-2018 Calendar.  Then the fun begin with a Little Note of Wisdom and Empowerment followed by a short Notes page and then a huge 2 page spread of the first month, which is July 2016.  
This repeats over and over until you end on June 2017 and then starts the 4 page spreads for your Weekly Plan.  This looks like a plain grid of wide block spaces.  Lot's of room to customize to your Family's need.  Once again in between the 4 week sections you will find tid bits of Unique History, Encouragement and Spiritual Motivation.  I was pleasantly surprised by all the Special Extras that were put into this planner.  At the very end of the book you will find sections that I find to be helpful to use in my daily life.  I love the Monthly, Semester and Yearly Goals Sections.  Here you find a simple space for you to work towards Educational, Spiritual, Physical, Personal Talents, Life Skills, Financial and Relational.  Just real simple, but important areas in your life that need accountability, but sometimes gets forgotten.  You will also find an Attendance Chart for up to 5 children, A Books Read This Year Section, several pages to Plan out your Curriculum choices.  If that wasn't enough you also have a Homeschooling Contact List, Writing Prompts, Story Starters, tons of Historical Facts, Charts and Time lines.  Along with what you need to successfully Create an Academic Transcript for your Kiddos.  To take a Good Look at what these pages look like, Here is a Sample of them.....Beautiful right?  Lot's of room to map out your whole year!

So, what are my thoughts and should you get your own Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-1017?  Well, I personally really liked this planner because it is Super Basic, No Frills and you can customize it to fit your needs.  My Planner that I am using now combines my Personal, Family and School Life Together.  This is convenient, but does make for a super thick Planner.  This one is sleek and can slip into any bag and medium sized purse.  I do wish that the Covers had a pocket attached to it to hold any brochurs. papers, schedules, tickets or whatever you have that you need close by.  Maybe a page for educational websites, places to go and visit or field trip schedule.  If you are looking for a Planner that has the Basics and a little more you will be just fine with this Planner.  You will find it to be helpful to keep track of what's going on around your school table. 

I'm in a transition period with school right now, because of our huge cross country trip we are about to take.  So, I decided to use it to make a Generic Summer School Schedule.  Here is a picture of it and I do plan to go into more detail later this week about how this is working out for us.  The flexibility of Homeschooling is Awesome and having this tool will make being flexible a possibility.  I will continue using this Planner for Kaden.  Since he is my Busy Child I will save this tool for his work and continue to use my other system with Mahala.  For Mahala's schedule she has so much softball, her job schedule and church events it is easier to keep her straight with a Planner that includes Personal, Family and Homeschooling together.
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