Cooking Healthy Can Be Messy.....

I am nearing 90 days of healthy eating and things are pretty normal around here now.  No more running around trying to figure out what this spice is for, what I'm substituting for carbs or even which oil to use with whatever I'm cooking.  It's all just a way of life now....when I make my coffee I get out the Collagen and coconut oil without even thinking...it's just Life now.  I'm at 29lbs lost now and I hate to say it, but it's just easy living....dieting is hard, but healthy eating isn't.  It's just feeding your body what it needs to run optimally and giving it the components needed to successfully repair and nourish itself.

That said....my spice cabinet is ridiculous!!!!  So, let's make a change and tidy it up a bit.  I decided to keep these old coffee drink containers my Son used to drink before bullet proof coffee to get rid of these huge plastic containers!

I literally found things that I had bought for a dinner I had back in 2010.  Honestly I may be more than just part hoarder! :)  Anyway, the point was to get rid of the old and organize the New and Now for easy cooking.  I wiped down the 2 years of spice crumbs with just some vinegar and Thieves water.  I take any chance I can to use essential oils. :)

My Daughter and I took strips of black construction paper and wrote the different spices on them.  I decided to use just construction paper because first of all this was a last minute "hey I have nothing going on at this very moment....let's start a project" moment.  So, that's all I had on hand....and if it gets dirty or messy it costs next to nothing to write up a new one and slap it on.  

I love using clear heavy duty glass, you see what your getting, it's pretty and uniformed.  And I get all jazzed re-purposing an item that would normally get tossed in the garbage for something I use 2 or 3 times a day.  Oh, and don't worry the huge plastic containers were re-purposed too.  They will be amazing cut in half and used in my container garden for small budding plants and seedlings.  Also, I have one that will be used to perfectly measure food out to our two pups.

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