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I don't know about you, but a week doesn't go by that I don't need supplement work or little extra add on work to whatever we are currently learning.  I love having online access to a variety of different tools during our Homeschool day while we are exploring on the road or busy at home.  The past several weeks we have been given the Pro Plan subscription from HelpTeaching.com to Review.  They have printable worksheets, online testing, activities, a game generator and much more for grades K-12.  We had a lot to go through during the Review period.... I was able to use it with both Mahala and Kaden.  Almost every area is covered...Math, English, Art, Science and so forth.

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You can go now to HelpTeaching.com and have immediate access to some of their printables, tests and content for FREE.  But, to unlock all of their amazing quality features to the fullest you are going to need that Pro Plan.  What I LOVE about the lessons you will find is that it's not all boring facts.  There are many illustrations, videos, game links and quizzes.  I also feel comfortable knowing that there are Khan Academy videos and other online educational sources peppered throughout various offered lessons.  Kaden is honestly a Khan Academy Junkie....he loves it!  So, there was that familiarity feeling that he felt confident in what he was doing and learning all the while.  

One of the ways that we used this resource was using the Assign Lessons option.  I stay up late most nights and what I was able to do was scroll through different subjects and send an email link to my kiddos with the assigned work.  The 1st time I did that Mahala was like what just happened, I have 50 emails with schoolwork.  I might have gone a little overboard with my trigger finger.  But, it was just too easy and way too many exciting things to not assign them.  Right now Mahala is neck deep in Biology and I found several things that complimented what she was learning already.  Now, Kaden takes the "Jack of all trades" approach with his education.  He wants to learn a little about everything and a lot about a few things in particular.  Most evenings when we do our night time routine he tells me things he wants to look up or read about the following morning.  No joke, this boy is always looking for something new to learn and devour.  So, after he was put down to sleep I would go online and search through the different subjects.  One thing that I found most recently was the lesson on Archery.  His interest was there already, but now I have him and his Sister signed up for Archery Lesson towards the end on March. YAY!

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Another little gem to know is that you can also generate your own test and offer fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true or false...you get the picture.  How amazing is that?  I ended up orally doing test for Kaden, but Mahala did take advantage of a few of them herself.  In the future I can see me trying to use this more with Kaden, only because like I said before Mahala is neck deep in Biology as in most of her other subjects as well.  I am super stoked because we are taking a 2 month cross country trip in a few months.  We homeschool year round, so this is going to be my go to spot online for sure!!  I plan to print off several lessons, staple together and place them in folders for each kiddo.  And when we have internet access, just have them work online.

So, would we buy Pro Plan again?  Yes, I would and if you like a variety of ways to educate your kiddos or supplement what they are learning through the school system this would be great for you too.  If you have access online and a printer and you don't mind going through and picking out the lessons then this is perfect for you.  Never fear....it's very well organized and easy to find anything your looking for.  For the price that you play it is well worth every dime. ($24.95 for a whole Year)  Make sure you head on over and check Pro Plan out yourself.  You can stay connected on Social Media with HelpTeaching.com.

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  1. I love that you found the archery lesson. We're working on adding more themed reading passages/lessons to connect to those individual interests!