Wedding Cake Pops...No Problem!

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that my oldest Son is getting married soon.....in a few days soon.  Being the Groom's Parents kind of puts you out of the loop because it's the Bride's show...kind of.  And I understand, every since Skylar was a baby I thought geez his clothing options were the adorable over the top baby suits, onesies, or jeans and basic T-shirts.  When Mahala came around my eyes were opened to color, dresses galore and baby bling.  So, how fun could it really be to dress up the Groom?  Well, we did spend the day looking at bow ties together......don't laugh!

But, me being me I had to have my little hands wrapped up into something for this wedding.  So, we decided that Mahala and I would do the cake.  We decided on over 500 cake pops and a 2 tiered cake.  Were we crazy?  Yes, but I seem to thrive off of that.  As we went through the Holidays and Mahala's sweet 16 birthday this cake loomed over us like a bad dream.  Why, because it meant so much to us and worried about the turn out.  
It took almost 5 full days, but we got it all done.....and guess what?  It was beautiful, edible, it was delicious and most of all it was from our hearts.  It was made with so much Love....I'm thrilled My Skylar has found a beautiful soul to share his life with....thank you Jesus!

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