Blast from the Past with an Update!

October 2013 
Have You heard that saying the Proof is in the Pudding?   I'm sure you have, we all have.  I said this to my Son today and my 13 year old asked me what it meant exactly.  I explained to her and she was like, what's Skylar's pudding going to prove?  I don't know....that's why the Cake will rise, the Froth will form, the Peaks will be beat!  Ok, maybe It's that time of the month and I'm overly dramatic and craving a ton of sweets.  But, You get the idea!!


Wedding Cake Pops...No Problem!

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that my oldest Son is getting married soon.....in a few days soon.  Being the Groom's Parents kind of puts you out of the loop because it's the Bride's show...kind of.  And I understand, every since Skylar was a baby I thought geez his clothing options were the adorable over the top baby suits, onesies, or jeans and basic T-shirts.  When Mahala came around my eyes were opened to color, dresses galore and baby bling.  So, how fun could it really be to dress up the Groom?  Well, we did spend the day looking at bow ties together......don't laugh!


Essential Oils for Headache Relief

Poor Mahala has had the worst headache ever for the past week.  It regain with her 3rd sickness she had within a month, so we figured it was part of the cold she had.  But, it was fierce and making it almost impossible to sit up or even move from the couch.
She took Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Peppermint Oil, even a Chiropractor visit....nothing was calming it down.  Last night I decided that we would take her into the Doctor the next afternoon.  And as a last resort I looked through my Essential Oil books and tried to find something additional I could do to give her some sort of relief.  Peppermint Oil ALWAYS takes away our Family headaches, which is why I tried that first....but, this time it wasn't working.


Twinkle Lights and Hot Chocolate

I am fighting this whole take down the Christmas Tree thing!!  I Love my Tree and all it's twinkly lights....I miss it all year long and once it's up I dread the day we have to pack it all up in plastic bins and stuff it in the back of the garage for the following year.  The kids tease me and say that I should leave it up all year.   Hmmmm, maybe they are onto something.
For now I am keeping it up and lite to enjoy the glow with my hot chocolate for just a little while longer. :)