Blocks of Time

My Boy has been doing pretty well lately.  We have been working up a storm to set a routine in place that works for us.  Do you flip flop with your routine or schedule?  I do....it's a constant evolving list of rules, timelines, dates, to-dos and to-don't!!!  We are trying to find out what works and what can be changed at a moments notice with out Kaden going into a complete melt down.  Right now we are using Blocks of time instead of actual times.  

We have a Morning Block that contains wake up time, eating, hygiene, quiet time and math.  Afternoon Block is when Kaden has lunch, a few subjects, chores and play time.  Almost Dark Block is filled with Reading, dinner and some form of project or creating activity.  The last Block of time is the Bedtime Block and that's when Kaden reads, bathes and gets ready for bed.  Each section has a color and they are loosely written so to not overwhelm him on days that life just happens and we have a game changer kind of day.  I have tried, but I can not predict the future....so I have to make sure he knows at any time things could change and if it does then we will decide together how to handle it.
In between all of his Blocks of time he can be found outside playing, reading and playing Legos.  Another favorite hobby of his is creating in the Kitchen.  My boy loves to create new dishes and swapping ingredients around that surprise me every single time.  Depending on his mood you can find him in a corner reading, playing piano or loving on his Dog.  

We have lowered our expectations not his opportunities.  In Public School they gave up on my oldest, Skylar.  At least that was our experience and we don't want to do the same to Kaden, but we do recognize that he processes differently then anyone else in our home.  He is easily overwhelmed, but also highly intelligent.  So, we have to make sure his day is filled with many opportunities to engage him and stimulate his mind while eliminating stress.  It's a fine line I walk every single day.  And I know that every day he has to be somewhat pushed a bit into the uncomfortable zone because I understand that the real world is not going to roll out the red carpet for him and tiptoe around his sensory needs.  But, I do it with caution and I know when enough is enough on most days.

For now that is how we get through our days and it works well for the moment.  He is happy, learning and reading every single day and that makes me one Happy Momma!!!

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