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I spend a pretty big chunk of my time teaching the kids and preparing for their various subjects.  I love whole curriculum sets for the most part, but I love unit studies too.  So, I kind of do a mixture of both.  With that said I'm always looking for supplements for our unit studies and extra work for the kiddos to take along with them when we have days on the go.  I have heard of Super Teacher Worksheets back a few years ago, so when I was given the chance to Review their Individual Membership for a full year I had a skip in my step for days because I was so excited.   Super Teacher Worksheets is an amazing resource for both Homeschool and Brick and Morter Teachers.  With this one website for only $19.95 a year you have access to over 10,000 different worksheets on so many subjects and topics from grades K-5th(some can be used for a little older) you may never have to Pin something to an online board again! :)


Here is a run down on the categories and once you open up a category there will be a ton of subcategories. 

Reading and Writing

Phonics and Early Literacy



Spelling Lists(K-5)


Social Studies


Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Teacher Helpers

Pre-K and Kindergarten
And......Your Very Own Worksheet Generator!!!

For instance when you open Math you will see a huge list to chose from the first is Addition.  You click open Addition and then you are brought to another list to narrow down your search to exactly what your looking for.  So, you will see Basic Addition, Multi-digit Addition, Adding decimals and Fractions, More Addition and a See Also section.  Lot's to pick from right?  Let's say you Picked Basic Addition...once you click it then you will see sever Addition Games to download or print.  There are Flashcards, Addition Basic Concept sheets, Puzzles, Mystery Pictures, Addition Drills and also Basic Addiction Worksheet Generators to customize what you need.  And the there is still a see more portion and with all that mention you can see which ones line up with Common Core if that's important to you, You can even translate some of them into Spanish, you can download and or print right away.  Another Fabulous feature that I Super Love is the File Cabinet Option.  I spend a little of my weekend downtime each week to peruse a few of the subjects that I need to add to for the following week or a few weeks in advance and when I run across something I can just shoot it over to the filing cabinet until I'm ready to download and or print.  Isn't that too cool?  I have found this to be one of my Favorite things with Super Teacher Worksheets.

I have used just about every Subject...I can't get over the quality of the worksheets, games and puzzles.  I'm also thankful how easy it is to navigate the website and to find exactly what I'm looking for.  One of my Favorite things we use each week is the Spelling Lists with Kaden.  This has been so helpful during my day.  Not only do I get my lists each week, but Kaden loves the Fix the Misspelled Words Worksheets and the alphabetizing one too.  Since we are going on a 3 month long road trip next Summer we also have been using the 50 States worksheets and all the Games and Maps I can cram in each day. :)

So, what do I think?  Well, this is a Review that I don't think you really need to even ask me that question.  Of course this is an amazing treasure trove and I feel mighty blessed to have been able to have this in my homeschool for the next year.  The yearly price of $19.95 makes this Super affordable.  You can knock off 3 coffee house trips the rest of this month and save enough to get this for your Kiddos.  Honestly this is more like a treat for You!!!  I promise you...this will make your homeschooling life easier while your planning out your future weeks or when your schedual changes unexpectedly and all you need is a few color sheets and some fun Grammar to get you though the day.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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