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In our home we enjoy playing games as a Family, especially educational ones.  We probably substitute book work for a games 3-4 times a week.  This is easy to do with absolutely every subject and I find that it gives Kiddos the platform to use what they have learned and strengthen new skills.  Recently we decided to Review a Math game called Expanders from SimplyFun.  I remember looking at their website and smiling....they are passionate and committed to offering your Family quality, educational games.  You can't ask for anything more. :)  Expanders($34) is approved for ages 3 to 103...so it fits a broad audience.  I was pleased to see that I enjoyed it as much as Kaden did.  That's key when you are a Family that loves games, it has to be fun for everyone.  The best part about this game is watching your Kiddos learn Reverse Addition, Spatial Reasoning and Critical Thinking while having LOADS of fun!  SimplyFun has over 90 affordable products for your Family to enjoy, so you have to check out their website.  

The game is designed for up to four people, but so far it's just been Kaden and I to play it.  It comes in a sturdy box and has a cute little pouch to store all the brightly colored plastic tokens.  Setting up the game is pretty simple, you have a border and 5 "circuit boards" to arrange in the middle.  I was pleased that the directions were easy to follow and getting started was a breeze.  You do need to make sure that all players have basic knowledge of their addition facts before they start playing.  After you have your token color the game starts off with 3 set moves that have to be done before you have freedom to do 1 of 3 different actions.  Once all that is done then move 4 is the player's choice and they will need to use strategy to block their opponent's tokens.  The object of the game is to get rid of all your tokens by filling the board with your own tokens.  You want to find the most Expanded math problem possible to take up as much of the board as possible. 

For example, you could choose to cover the numbers 8 and 1 to equal 9.....that would be putting 3 tokens on to the board. But, we are looking to use up all our tokens, so you could place down 5 tokens on the board if you place a token over the numbers 2, 3, 3, and 1 to equal 9.  Remember it is better to expand the mathematical problem as much as you can. :) 

So, what did we think about this game?  Well, we loved it....it was fun, Kaden was able to practice everyday mathematics and we were able to spend time together making new memories.  It honestly can't get ANY better.  We played this game a few times a week, I appreciated that it was a pretty quick game.  I'll be the first to admit the longer 2 hour strategy games just don't always fit into our schedule.  We could set up and play a game between bath time and bed time, total time 25 minutes.  The other day he set it all up while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  After I was done cleaning we each had some yummy lemonade and played a couple games.  Fun times with my Kiddos....I live for it and the fact that I can add a little education makes Momma real happy!! :)  I think any Family should have this in their game closet, it will be a game that your Kiddos ask to play.  

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