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Have you ever stumbled across an unfamiliar work during a Science lesson or just wonder where a word came from?  I know I have many times, especially since Mahala is knee deep in Marine Biology right now.  We enjoy vocabulary I think, I've never heard a complaint about learning a few new words every day.  We actually have words of the day that I pin up around the house, so the Family is primed and ready to take on new words at any time....or so I thought.  I was asked to give a Review on Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's NOT Greek to Me!) by Ready to Teach.  I was as thrilled as a Monkey on Free bananas Day!  The Kiddos...not so much.  I was a bit on the sad end of the feelings scale.  But, decided they were going to do it and like it and if not then I would deal with that when the time came to publish this Review.   Keep reading......

This program was designed for secondary students and covers over 200 Greek Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes. It was developed to improve the student's vocabulary, challenge their intellect, develop higher-order thinking skills and to increase their language self confidence.

When we received our package in the mail I could tell the kids were already starting to have a change of heart!  We received an Instructor’s Manual, Student book, a CD-Rom with PowerPoint lessons and an Electronic Thumb Drive filled with all the materials we need.   As we flipped through the book Mahala was instantly drawn to the flashcards and immediately wanted to cut them all out.  And even though Kaden is only 8 he jumped in and started pouring through the book and before I could get all the groceries put away he was already on the computer with the Thumb Drive.  So, getting them to do this program wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be!  :)

Briefly about the Program, I just Love Love Love how it captures the Kiddo's attention with the multiple learning styles.  That's BIG in this house, even for Mom!  You have Auditory stimulation, Flash Cards in your Hands, Note Taking, Power Point Presentations and the Workbook lessons.  This program is complex and thorough.  This is not a little baby course, your children will walk away from this with gained knowledge....I promise.

There are twelve lessons, divided into 4 assignments and a review.  Each lesson has you working through a group of 16 words by introducing the morphemes to them through the power point, breaking the word down into their parts and of course figuring out the definition.  After the Students watch the presentation and complete their assignments in the student workbook, you will see a child bloom with delight as they learn meanings of words they didn't know and ones that they had heard of before.  That was pretty cool over in our house.  We discussed what we had learned sometimes up to an hour after we were finished.  Since I had both kids working on it I let Mahala use the actual workbook and Kaden followed along with her in a notebook.  We made it through a whole lesson each week, but since it is a pretty intense program you could stretch it to 2 weeks easily depending on the other subjects you have going on.

The Instructor’s manual is wonderful and super easy to use along with the power point presentations.  I'm usually the one fumbling along with power points or anything that's not in book format.  But, nope....totally easy to navigate even for me. :)  The manual has all the notes on each lesson, list of morphemes, tests and the answer keys.

So, would I recommend this program?  Yes I would, but only if you want to have a Fun, in-depth, grown-up Vocabulary Program.  I am definitely putting this down on Mahala's transcripts.  
This program is so affordable at only $69.95 + shipping.  
 You can purchase it in pieces, but for this price and the quality of the program I say get the whole set.  It is worth every penny and will benefit your Kiddo's vocabulary and their self-confidence for years to come.  This Program will give us Parents the ability to set our Kiddos up for success when they get into college.  I have one in college now and he even said this is something all Kiddos should take in High school, and I agree with him. 

I almost forgot.....they also have a Latin program available too....go check it out quickly!!!
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