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Yay....A fun new game to add to our towers of Family Fun!!  Yes, I said towers....we have 2 closets filled with games.  So, when our package from Out of the box Games arrived the Kiddos tore into it and played the new Snake Oil game immediately.  We have enjoyed several games from Out of the Box Games in the past, we are thankful to have the opportunity to review this one.

Out of the Box Games believes that games should be easy to learn and fun for the whole family to play together.  With BOLD BRIGHT colors and easy to figure out instructions their games deliver just that.  I know one thing I dislike is having to read complicated directions 10 times and still not honestly get the concept.  I have yet to play one of their games and have that experience.  I also appreciate that they create innovative and entertaining board and card games that our whole Family has had fun playing together.  I love that game play is usually an hour or less and encourages communication between your Family.  I love seeing the Kids make memories with each other, laughing, cutting up and having a blast.  Out of the Box Games have been around since 1998 and have earned several prestigious awards for their games.
Snake Oil has earned recognition from Parenting for High Potential, Mensa Selected and several magazines and groups. It's recommended for ages 10 and up and is only $19.99. Kaden is 7 and he needed a little help here and there, but it wasn't anything that a little teamwork couldn't fix.  I will say that a few cards had words that I would prefer to not be in his vocabulary.  So, you may want to take a quick look and toss any that you don't feel is appropriate.  I think there were 5 or so we tossed.  You need to have 3-10 players and a game can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.  We have some long winded Salesman in our Family, so our games usually take a little longer.  :) 
Let me tell you how this awesome game is played....in Snake Oil, each round is played where one player is the customer and all of the other players are the "Snake Oil Salesmen"Kaden was so interested in this Snake Oil Salesman Business.  He asked a million questions, I was impressed that inside the game box was a nice little explanation.  Did you know that there was some truth to the name?  
Hmmmm, anyway back to the game and how it's played. The object of the game is to “sell” your thought up product to the customer. The Salesman who is able to close the deal with the customer is the winner of that round.
There are Word Cards and Customer Cards.  In the beginning each player draws six cards and one of the players is picked to be the customer for that round. The customer selects a Customer Card from the deck. They share what kind of customer they are. The rest of the players combine two Word Cards from their hand and try to sell their Product to the customer. The customer then chooses the best Product and gives the Customer Card to the player whose item he picked.
On the next round you need to choose a new player to be the Customer and continue around the table until each player has been the customer once. Whoever has the most Customer Cards at the end of the game wins!  You can change the rules up as you see fit.  We chose to play until someone had 5 customer cards....that was a long game.  We also did team Salesman, where each person picked one word card secretly and then compared with each other to try and make something to sell to the customer.  That took a lot of teamwork and patience.
Here is an example for playing the Game:  You have a Sports Mascot as the Customer.  We have three Snake Oil Salesman pitching their products to the Sports Mascot.  They have a Diamond Whistle, a Safety Basket or a Robot Net to pick from.  Hmmmmmm, which one can a Sports Mascot not live without?  They are all so tempting, but I think for this round the Diamond Whistle can't be passed up, so that was the winner folks....S-O-L-D!!!! 
We enjoyed this game so much, I highly recommend it for your Family.  Christmas is coming and this would make a great Family Gift under your tree.  Or for a Kiddo you know that has a Birthday coming up.

The Game we played was for ages 10 and up. For younger Kiddos check out their other version, Snake Oil Party Potion it's for ages 8 and up. 

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