Just a Moment in Time....

Sometimes I sit back and I just listen to the commotion going on in my house.  The buzz of screams, laughter and yapping all at the same time from various corners in our house.  There is always messes all over the house, piles of projects and left out crafts.  Just 5 minutes ago I almost slipped on a puzzle piece from the puzzle being built on the tile in our entry way.  Did I say entry way to our house?  Why yes I did folks...that's how we roll here.  Let's build a 1,000 piece puzzle 5 ft from the front door. :)  No matter what time of the day you are here, if Momma is awake you will smell something cooking or baking.  You will smell fresh laundry being folded or washed.  You will smell half chewed dog bones all over the house and as you look down at your new outfit you will see a zillion dog hairs from Homer.  Yes, only Homer....he sheds like it's part of his job to grow hair and poof it all over the house.  He takes his job VERY seriously! :)
So, I sit back, sip on my green tea or coffee and go this is my life.  I LOVE my life, I wouldn't change a thing.  But, I would like to add to it.  Another project here and there, a new business venture, more Kiddos, a few more pets and I want to expand the garden.  More of my life for me.....love it!


  1. We love puzzles here too, but yes, we usually do them at a table! ;) Be blessed, Sheila!

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