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Have you heard of Wizzy Gizmo?  I haven't until I was given the opportunity to Review one of their products a few weeks ago.  And I'm so thankful I was given one of their awesome products to use in my homeschool. 

Wizzy Gizmo is an Amazing Inventor that's a Genius who Loves God and the Bible. He's a Wiz when it comes to technology and you can always find him making some kind of Gizmo.

The Product we were given to try was the Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament Cards. ($14.99) They are recommended for Kiddos 2yrs and up.  Each of the cards are double sided and made with quality, heavy card stock.  Nothing is worse then flimsey flashcards, no worries here in that department.  :)  I know you will also find it incredibly helpful that each of the cards are 5 by 9 inches.  So, not only are they physicaly sturdy and pretty, but they are substantial in size which makes it easy to use them no matter the age of your Kiddos.

Okay, so I have told you about all the superficial stuff...let's move on to the meat and potatoes of the product.  You can go online to get extra ideas on how to use these cards depending on the age of your Kiddo. (Scroll all the way down)
Front of Card

Here is what each Card has on it:
  • The Theme of the Book
  • Summary of Book
  • Number of Chapters
  • Short Author Bio
  • Date Book was Written
  • An Outline
  • Key Chapters
  • Key Passages
  • Key Doctrines
  • Key People

Back of Card

On the Front of the Card you will find the Summary and Theme of the Book.  Kiddos will get a numerical number for each card that teaches them what order the books on the New Testament is in.  They will get a brief look into the lives of the Authors of each of the books, the date written and how many chapters there are.  If that wasn't enough info, just flip it over....the real meat is right there for the taking.  On the back your Kiddos will find an Outline at the very top with the Key Chapters, Passages and Doctrines right underneath.  Those are all color coded for easy reference and easy to read for even the younger Kiddos.  I Love that Key people are included separately at the bottom, once again these cards are so easy to read and the layout makes learning the Bible easier and more thoroughly.


I wanted to just give a rough weekly schedual of activites that we did while using this product.  I used this Only with Kaden for the Review, he is 7.  Starting in September I will be adding Mahala who is 14.

First what I did with Kaden is Read through the front of the card.  Then we took out our notebook and wrote out the first 5 books in the New Testament (NT).  Every single day I had him write them out 3 times each, we eventually added 5 more.  So as of right now he knows the order of the first 10 books of the NT.
After that we made our own Timeline for the NT Dates and Authors.  Day 3 and 4 of using the cards I had him draw a picture of what he thought the Author looked like based on his Bio.   
 Day 4 we started reading in the Bible.  We kept the card right there so we could highlight each Key Passage.
Around day 7 or 8 we looked up the Book's Key People in other parts of the Bible and added them to our timeline.
As a Bonus we made crafts, period food and even looked into Projects involving each of the Themes.  Matthew's Theme is Jesus is King, so we made crowns and gave them to friends and family with a few Key Passages.  For Mark the Theme was Jesus as a Servant so we decided to volunteer in the community and spread some smiles.

The sky is really the limit when you mix these fantastic Cards with a little creativity.  We will definitely go through all of these cards along with Mahala too.  I look forward to checking out Wizzy Gizmo's Website because they also have a series of interesting Books designed to help Kiddos ages 4-12 explore the Bible with audio dramas and books.  Great products...I see some Christmas gift in the near future!!

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