Looking for New Stars and Lady Bugs

A talk Kaden and I recently had:  

 He tells me almost everyday that he is different and that it's ok.  Just last night he said to me..."Mom, my brain sees this activity different then your brain.  I see it as a way to touch planets we have never gone to yet.  I see groups of stars that you don't see because your brain's eyes are closed"  That night we were using a fantastic App called Google Sky Map!!!  I love that Boy, he is so precious to me and he surprises me everyday.

The other day we went for a walk.  Looking at nature, as close as Suburbia will allow.  HAHAHAHA

He found a ladybug.  "Come here little fella....I will help you find your Momma".  He couldn't be any cuter.  :)

It took forever, but he finally got the ladybug to crawl up his arm.  Every time it would flutter back to the ground he would dive back down and try to get it back on his arm.  I love to see him be so gentle.  Life is precious and I want him to learn to love and embrace all that God has put on this earth.  
Kaden is always flapping his arms and spinning.  So, having his body still for a moment to enjoy the ladybug was monumental for the older kids and I. 

After he successfully found a branch to call this lady bug's home he was off and ready to find another adventure.  The kids and I just tagged along for the ride.  :D

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  1. That boy is gonna do great things Sheila!!