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Recently I received two products to review from Moving Beyond The Page.  Our first product was the Social Studies Package - World Wars I and II.  This package is $42.89 and is recommended for Kiddos 10-12 years of age.  In this Unit Study you will get a physical curriculum guide, All That Jazz - A History of US Book #9 and Where Poppies Grow by Linda Granfield.  

The second set we received was a Language Arts Package - Animal Farm.  This package was an Online Version.  Even though the guides and work is found online we received a Physical Animal Farm book written by George Orwell.  The online Unit Study is $22.92, and comes with online access to everything you need for your Kiddos.  The recommended ages for this package is 12-14.  This was my first time ever hearing about Moving Beyond the Page.  We love Literature based schooling because with a book History and Science becomes alive and exciting!  We were counting down the days till our package arrived and when it did it didn't take long till the books were cracked open. :)

Moving Beyond the Page is a Literature-based homeschool curriculum for Kiddos in Elementary and Middle school (4-14).  It can be purchased as a full year curriculum package or purchased individual Unit Studies to supplement what you already have going on.  The Unit Studies are design to work with your Kiddo's learning style, no matter what it is.  That's because they encourage both critical and creative thinking by giving your Kiddo not only challenging, but engaging activities and projects to do throughout the Study.  All Kiddos will enjoy it, especially those who are creative, gifted or just love that hands on approach.  It's pretty impressive, my Kiddos are total opposites as far as learning styles, but they both were engaged and alert with both Unit Studies we Reviewed.  Moving Beyond the Page curriculum encourages your Kiddo to explore and learn new Information and Concepts with their Unit Studies through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Math.

Animal Farm 
So, the Animal Farm Study I was the most excited about.  I remembering reading it in High school and thought it was sooooo boring. :)  After looking at all the activities and the study guide I knew I was going to have a different experience reading it with my Kiddos this time. :)  I was hoping that Kaden would have enjoyed reading this book.  But, I'm sad to say he did not.  The whole concept behind the book was lost and honestly he is only 7.  Mahala, who is 14 did get it and it even sparked an interest to dive a little deeper and head further into the Russian Revolution.  Her favorite part or I should say the part that I saw the most growth was the daily activities and her vocabulary increase.  She enjoyed the Final- a 3 Day Project.  This really shocked me because she is not my writer, she normally hates writing. :)  

In the end, overall we enjoyed the Unit Study.  But, we did not like doing it Online.  We are a book in the hand kind of Family and it has never been proven to be more true then during this Review.  We spent more time trying to figure out what went with what and printing what needed to be printed then we would like.  Another negative to using Online is that once you activate your package, you only have it for 3 months.  I think you do get a discount to reactivate, but for multiple Kiddos at different ages this may get too pricey.  Yes, it does save a little bit of money up front doing the Unit Studies Online, but only for that one Kiddo, multiple Kiddos at different ages may require the Physical Package in the long run.  I know for Our Family we need Physical Products.

The World Wars I and II Unit Study was AMAZZZZING.  It was full of  fun activities that would have taken me weeks and weeks to come up with off of Pinterest.  Both Mahala and Kaden worked in the same book, I just made a copy of anything that needed to individually finished.  I found that most of the time they liked to be creative and do some of the projects together.  One project in particular was their Posters of WWII.  They marched around the house waving them for Dad when he came home one night....I did call him to give him a heads up. :) 

On the Moving Beyond the Page, FAQs section there are some Typical Days put together to give you an example of what you can expect a average day to look like using this program. Each package also gives you a "how to Use Moving Beyond the Page" Guide. We kind of made our own routine up that worked for us.  We basically read Animal Farm in 3 days and then went through the activities and worksheets.  I think it's because it was Language Arts.  We read a few hours each of those 3 days and afterwards spent about 2 hours 3-4 days a week finishing all the activities and worksheets.  The Social Studies was different we went through about an hour or so a day 2-3 days a week until we were finished.  We still have a few more things to do before we get everything completed.  We covered a lot and really took the time to have it "sink" into their little brains!  

Would we use this product line again?  Oh yes, a BIG YES!  But, it would have to be the physical product.  We have made a list of 23 different Unit Studies the Kiddos want to do.  Mahala even mentioned her Christmas list for some of the titles in the Language Arts categories that don't really go with what we will be doing next year.  A Momma has to Love hearing that!  I think Most Every Kiddo would enjoy any of the products offered by Moving Beyond the Page.

Check out this SPOT to figure out what level is Best for your Kiddo, it's easy and painless.  Don't forget to check them out on Facebook too.

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