First Day Jitters

Kaden went to his first ever VBS/Summer Day Camp this week.  I was a wreck Day 1....and that's putting it lightly. :)  We have never been able to leave him at Sunday school so I was excited to give it a try.
This New Church we go to has an Excellent Special Needs program that basically gives each child a Buddy so they can experience Children's Church with the typical Kiddos.  What this means for Kaden is that his Buddy helps him feel comfortable between transitions with activities if he stresses.  Is there when he feels overwhelmed or needs to take a break from something.  Also, sometimes Kaden can be too literal or is unfamiliar with what peers are talking about.  I love that it gets Kaden to interact more too with the other kids.  If it was up to him he would get in and get out without one ounce of communication with anyone.  
We were lucky that his Buddy could come to camp with him.  We also had one of his BTs come with him too at first, but was able to fade her out quickly.  Now it's just Him and his Buddy, crafting away, playing in water, singing songs and learning about Our God.  Ok, maybe he isn't doing alllll those things, but he's at least being exposed to them and tolerating it.  :) 

I was overwhelmed myself at first with all the people, lights and music.....hahahahaha  But, he handled everything like a Pro!  Each day he comes home complaining and and a little overwhelmed.  But, after a nice lunch, a few minutes with Homer and some down time he's good to go.

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