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I was given the opportunity to Review another Amazing product from Apologia Educational Ministries. It's the 4th book in their What We Believe Christian Worldview Series.  The 4-Volume Series is recommended for grades 1-6, does not need to be read in order and can be used as a Family Devotion or in your Homeschool. 

We received the following items to review:
We have been using this series for the past 2 years in Our Homeschool.  While using the What We Believe Series, Mahala has grown in her Faith so much and the Character Qualities I have seen her learn and actually apply in her life are Priceless to me.  This was the first time using it with Kaden who is 7, Mahala is 14 and LOVES the Series.  Kaden takes a little longer to get through the reading, because some of the Reading lessons are a little long for the younger kiddos.

The hardcover, beautiful full-color textbook can be read aloud by the parent or independently by older students. A recommend lesson plan divides the entire book into 48 study days, with 6 of these days spread over a period of 3 weeks. making it a semester-long course.  Here is a quick peek of the 8 lessons included in the book:
  • Your Story or God’s Story
  • Who Put You in Charge?
  • Will You be Found Faithful?
  • Where is Your Treasure?
  • Where Does Your Time Go?
  • Whose Life is it Anyway?
  • Why Isn’t It Easy being Green?
  • What Will Happen When The Master Returns?

Each lesson is broken down into easy to digest Sections. These components are what concrete what the kids are learning and makes it Fun and Enjoyable for them.  
Here they are in a nutshell.....  
The Big Idea: Which is an Introduction to the lesson and an Overview of previous lessons
What You Will Do: The learning objectives for the lesson Short Story: a Fictional story Showing what a worldview looks like in action Think About It: gives Kiddos questions that will encourage them to truly think about what they have read so far and how it relates to them in their world Words You Need To Know: yay....vocabulary words Hide It in Your Heart: Bible verses to memorize Integrated Learning: articles that help integrate other learning, like art, history, etc What Should I Do? character traits for students to demonstrate
Prayer: a great time to give the Lord
Parables of Jesus: parables originally told by Jesus
Going Deeper: discussion questions House of Truth: memory tool and visual aid to help answer some of the questions



The full color Notebooking Journal and Junior Notebooking Journal works directly with the Textbook. The journal would be best suited for older Kiddos, who are able to write independently. The Junior Notebook is a great alternative for younger Kiddos.  Here is a Quick Peek inside of both Journals.....

Blank Note-Taking Pages
Think About It: reading Comprehension Questions.
    (Junior notebook replaces this section with a coloring page)
Words to Know: vocabulary words for each lesson
  (Junior notebook uses fill-in-the-blank)
Hide It in My Heart: section to write out the Bible verses
Make a Note of It:
Word Puzzles: crosswords and word search puzzles...My Kiddos LOVE this part!!!
Mini Books: lapbooks
My Prayer: space for kiddos to write or draw their own prayers to God
Praise Report: thankfulness spot
I Spy!: page to write or draw "where you have seen God"
Living Out Loud: write down how they are ministering to others

Do You Remember: review 
Find Out More: lists of activities, books, music, websites, and movies to help dig deeper

The Coloring Book is perfect for the littlest learners and the BIG ones too.  It's great if you need a little something to keep those little hands busy while listening to the lesson. I Love the Nice and Clear Pictures....I'll admit I colored a few while Hubby was watching the News the other night.  Shhhhhh ;)

We worked in our Notebooking Journals twice a week and read three or four days a week.  I would say each day we spent about an hour.  Maybe a little more when we did something crafty or worked with the mini books.  The Kids enjoyed and learned more because of the Journals, I would say that is an absolute Must to have.  It helped connect the dots and gave both Kids something to talk about hours after each lesson.

So, what did I think overall....I Loved it and will continue as we have for the past 2 years.  I'm thrilled to be able to give my kids a solid foundation to grow their Faith in God. I want them to know why they Believe in God and the tools to make their Faith their own. I definitely recommend this study to any Parent looking for a Biblical worldview curriculum for their Kiddos.
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