KinderBach Review- Music to My Ears


When Mahala used to take Piano Lessons Kaden would watch her Practice and try his best to copy what she was doing.  I kept saying we were going to enroll him too, but that day has yet to happen.  Lucky for us we were given a 6 month Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner from KinderBach to Review and give My honest Opinion on it.  This was definitely Music to My Ears!!!

Have you ever heard of KinderBach before?  It's an interactive, online or DVD Piano and Musical Theory program for Kiddos ages 3-7.  KinderBach is hosted by Karri Gregory who is also the Creator and Founder of this flexible Music Curriculum.  She is so Enthusiastic and makes each Lesson Fun and Exciting for the Kiddos to watch.  Karri and her Team of Animal Friends will teach your Kiddos Musical Concepts like reading notes, keeping rhythm and beats.  They will learn simple songs while using stories, videos, MP3 downloads, song books and coloring pages.  As a Mom with a Kiddo with Autism I always Appreciate a Program that incorporates Developmentally Appropriate Skills. Like building Fine Motor skills by coloring, cutting and gluing.  By adding Physical exercise into the lessons, it keeps them Literally on their toes. :)


http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2014TOSCREW/Kinderbach/KinderbachPianoLessonsOnline_zps667ab230.png You can purchase ONE membership for all your Kiddos to use now for the Current Price of $7.99 per month to have online access to all of KinderBach's current 6 levels.  
With Membership You Get:
  • Access to all web lessons by computer, iPad, Nook, Kindle Fire and Android Fire.
  • Accompanying pdf activity pages
  • Access to the Teacher Corner materials
  • Audio MP3s for all six levels of KinderBach lessons
  • Downloads of storybooks, coloring pages and song books.

Kaden Finding His Rhythm!!!
Making Music at the Manic House!

Each of the 6 Levels is divided into 10 weeks with 240 Bite Size videos. Each week has 4 Videos and lessons that are about 5-15 minutes long.   

As You know, all of Our Kiddos learn differently.  I Love that this Music Curriculum is set up to go at Your Kiddo's own pace.  They can do as Much or Little as they want to.

I found that Kaden responded Best to "Piano Time" after a good dose of Math.  While grabbing my 2nd cup of Coffee for the day I would load a Video for him.   He would watch it sometimes 2 or 3 times and that gave me plenty of time to gather the printed materials and art supplies needed.  Using the KinderBach Program really is that Simple to use.  Kaden felt great about himself being able to be more Independent with his Piano Lessons.  That makes a Momma Happy to see that sense of Pride on his little face!

For us we didn't use many of the coloring pages unless it was directly linked to a video.  One in particular that Kaden enjoyed was the High Low coloring page where he would listen and see if the sound was High or Low.  Then depending on which it was he would color the apple High in the tree or Low on the ground.  He actually carried this over into a peer play later that week and shared the game with his buddies.  Each week I would go through the coloring pages and only Print out the ones he wanted to do.  I did the same thing with the Story Books.  I appreciated having access to so many Resources, like Teacher's Guides, Achievement Awards and many other things that I could pick and choose from. :)

So, if You were to ask Kaden and I if we would continue with KinderBach we would both Scream out a Big Yes!  He is looking forward to learning to read more Music Notes and has told me before Summer he wants to Compose My very Own Special Song!!  How Sweet is That?

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2014TOSCREW/Kinderbach/kinderbachonline_zps2fcb68d5.pngIf you are looking for a Interactive Music Curriculum for your young Kiddo, I would highly recommend KinderBach! I would even say this program would be Perfect for homeschoolers, co-ops, or church groups. You can try it out with their free try it before you buy it option on their website. Or you can jump right in and purchase it for $95.88 a year, which works out to $7.99 a month! 

If you're interested in trying two weeks of KinderBach free, you can stop over HERE.

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H-O-M-E-R is his Name-O

So, we are home now!!!!  Boy what a time we had while we were in Team Training for Kaden's Service Dog.  We learned so much while we were there and Kaden did Amazzzzzing!  We were prepared for Meltdown 2014 to happen while we were there, but besides a few here and there he was fairly calm and compliant.  Our days started early and ended late, I think the hardest thing for him was not having his quiet time space for him to hide out and be alone.  Everyday he stayed in for all the lectures and all the command trainings and demonstrations.  He was a Champ and actually helped us out with some answers on our nightly homework we had to do.  I do think he went a little over board with the snacks, he probably ate his weight in cookies. :) 

The first few days we worked with about 6 different dogs and then we met this one sweet angel....Homer!  Kaden practiced the Lap Command and he licked his face and it was love at 1st sight.  When we had our 1on1 with the Fabulous Trainers we told them our 2 Favorite dogs and what we needed for Kaden.  Our fingers stayed crossed till the next morning.

On Pre-match Day they laid blankets down and the Kiddos all sat down on each one and waited for them to announce our matches.  Kaden was the 3rd match I think.... I was sooooo nervous because he had been praying all night long for Homer to be his match.  To my left, across the room I saw Shannon with Homer.  And all of a sudden I hear Kaden is Pre-matched with......HOMER!!!!  Yay, we all flipped out and was so excited!!!!  Pre-match means that he would be going back to Our dorm room and we would only be working with him for the next 5 or 6 days until the final match is announced.  If any time during those days we don't work well with him or we feel it's just not right we could be matched with another dog.  To make this day even better it was Kaden's Birthday too!!!  My Boy was sooooo Happy!!!

Long story short, we had a Fabulous week with him and worked well.  We went on field trips with him and bonded with him during our down time and basically he became Family!!!  After the 2 weeks we were able to meet Homer's puppy raiser and that was like a small Family Reunion.  I never thought that meeting them would mean so much to me.  But, it was so precious to me, because she was the one who raised him for 18 months and took him to trainings and worked with him.  She poured all the LOVE in the world into him and shaped him into the sweet Love Bug that he is.  I can't wait to share all the things that Homer does to help Kaden daily.....I'll post that soon.

After Our meeting with the Puppy raisers we went to Our Graduation Ceremony.  It was Beautiful and Kaden was so excited that afterwards we were going to be heading home.  And this new Fury Person, his New Buddy was going to be with us always!!!  We are so Blessed, Thank You Lord!!!!


Looking for 4 Paws!

Dogs are everywhere we LOOK!!!  We are here getting Kaden's Service Dog for the next 2 weeks.  Tomorrow we will find out which dog they are Pre-matching him with.  We have worked with Several so far and do have a few Favorites.  Fingers crossed on 2 of the pups.  Hmmmmmmm, who will be Kaden's New Best Friend?  We will have to wait and see!


Feeling the Words of God

I know it is been an extremely long time since I've blogged.  I have wanted to so many times, but life has been more overwhelming then ever before.  I have lot's of personal issues floating around that have taken up my focus and basically everything else has been put on hold.  Even homeschooling has been placed on a back burner except for a few awesome products that I am in the process of Reviewing.

One of the Personal issues I have been dealing with is a Sudden miscarriage.  We have been trying for almost 2 years now and I found out in early December I was expecting, the same day I received some unpleasant news that eventually I will share.  A few nights ago I had an ENORMOUS amount of Blood and went to the ER to find out the miscarriage was in full swing.  We were leaving to get Kaden's service dog the next day, so honestly I didn't have many options but to push through it.  We have been on Campus for 3 days and the bleeding is not as bad and my test was not Positive this morning.  What was going to be done has been done.  Now to recover and work on my other Personal matters.
One day at a Time, that's what I keep telling myself.  All I know is God is Working so Hard in me right now.  I can almost feel the words he is Speaking into my ear.
Thank You Lord for not Leaving My Side!!!!