Blank Free Diet....Order Up!

Well, I think there is going to be a change around here....a BIG change!  I think it's time to take a look at Kaden's diet, our whole diet really.  Of course I have heard about all the Miracle GF, CF, SF and all they other fill in the Blank Free Diets out there.  And I always thought well I guess that works for you, but obviously that's not going to be our Gig.  As a matter of fact I think I have read probably 20-30 blog posts and articles that all started just like this one right here that I'm writing now that you are reading.  And after the 1st paragraph or so they hit you with their Revelation of the Blank Free Diet that has now changed their life. 

Now look at me, I feel like a broke down mule.  Because guess what........I have a story to tell.....a darn Revelation.  :)  I have nothing else to try, I have flipped over a lot of stones.  Now I'm flipping the Diet Stone.  

 I always go against the rules, I have my whole life.  You say pink I say light fushia.  You say rewind before returning I grin as I slip it into the drop box knowing I stopped it at the beginning of the credits.  Okay, maybe I haven't done that since I was like 20, but still.  :p  Point is I fight the current and in my life that has always benefited me.  It's what kept me strong and alive, but when it comes to my kiddos sometimes you have to break down and try things you necessarily wouldn't normally try.  

I stand firm when my Mother's instinct rears it's head.  But, with Kaden and his journey with Autism I have floated by on a raft made of dried up leaves laced together with hopes and fears.  I don't always hear the instinct in my head, I second guess myself....way too much.  

We have seen an increase in his aggression and a decrease in language off and on during the day.  He will revert to only making sounds probably 1/3 of the time he is awake.  Our whole family is involved in his ABA and social skills class, so the next logical step to me is diet change.  The Big reason I decided to give this a chance was because we figured the only real difference in his diet lately has been Crystal Light the past few weeks.  We are a water and milk family, sometimes iced tea.  So, I'm thinking it might be the artificial sweetener & dye.  

I have to admit it's overwhelming looking around online!!!!  I flipped out just with the amount of products available and weeding out all the crazzzzzies.  Sorry, if you are one of the Crazzzzzies, I'm legally Crazy, but not Crazy into this Blank Free Diet Stuff......YET!

I'm calling Kaden's the Blank Free Diet.  I'm going to 100% cut out the Gluten & Dyes.  I'm also thinking of less Casein, so I have him on rice milk & cheese.  He hates the cheese, so since it's one of his favorite foods I may need to find a better alternative or just pray less Casein is better then no Casein.  :)  I figured we would slowly make the change, but really it has been pretty easy.  I say that right now of course after just a few meals.  I worry about variety & flavor!

So far we are on Day 2 of our Diet Adventure!!!  Fingers crossed we will start to see results in a few weeks or so.  If you have any favorite recipes or websites feel free to leave them in the comments.

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