Sad, Puppy Dog Eyes!

Around our house we call Mahala the Dog Whisperer.  Actually, everyone that knows her says she has a gift with Animals.  She is so loving and comforting to them, they just know she is "good People".

Dogs just know and no matter where we go if there is a Dog around it will wobble over to Mahala and flash her their sad, puppy dog eyes.  And if it's a stray or at Kaden's Horse therapy Ranch and Rescue she will give me her sad, puppy dog eyes.  But, Momma's STRONG!  Nope, Nope, Nope I tell her!!!!

The other day as we waited for Kaden, sure enough she spotted a dog.  And he spotted her, because he walked across the field over to our van and stood by my door.  I told the little guy that I was not the one.  :D  She leaned over and as soon as he heard that AWWWWW Look at HIM, he ran over to her side.  She opened the door, I did not approve and then it hoped into the van.  And before I could get a word in he hoped onto her lap.  Mahala was pleased and went on and on how they must have rescued him and we could help them out by taking him off their hands.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  I know I sound heartless, but we have 2 dogs now and Kaden will be getting his service dog in a few months. 

I promised Mahala and Skylar they can puppy raise for the Organization Kaden will be getting his service dog from once we move into our new house towards the end of the year.  So, an extra pup now is not in our deck of cards.  It wouldn't be fair to the pup, or our fur babies at home. 
I'm happy to report that the pup stayed on the Ranch with the cows and we took Kaden out for lunch!

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  1. My 11 y/o is exactly like that!! She and dogs LOVE each other.