Gardening with Gary Emmett

I was beyond thrilled to get a copy of this book to review.  I am known for having a thumb of death.  Every year I try to grow something and every year the trumpets play the same song.  But, this year looks a little brighter already!!!  Why, because I have some new tools in my gardening kit and I learned how to use them in this nifty book by Gary Emmett.

"He who fails to Plan is Planning to fail"- Winston Churchill uttered these wise words.  And I knew I liked Gary when I opened his book and saw those words glaring at me.  You know even though I'm not the most organized person in the world I love to at least read about becoming more organized.  I figure a little here and there will stick and then I'll be able to take over Martha Stewart's job. :D

One thing I learned that made a ton of sense to me was to keep a Garden journal.  Hmmmmm plan first and stay organized, what a concept!  Gardening is so much more then what catches your eye at your local Target Gardening center.

I loved the way Gary made me feel like I was sitting across the table from him.  With my "new" Gardening Journal, pencil in hand and ready to take on the back yard one seed at a time!!!!!  This can be a very intimidating hobby, so it's nice to have a friendly teacher beside you guiding you through the thorns and weeds.

After reading Seed-Starting The First Step to Gardening I've learned the error of my ways.  I haven't been paying attention to the right things.  You have to think about the seeds, soil and equipment needed to make your lush area just that, LUSH!  Did you know they have fiber pots that you plant directly into the ground. :O
When you have a baby, you don't just slap a pair of booties on it, strap on a diaper and fill it's bottle with milk.  A lot more goes into a baby's care then a $200 pair of Alpaca lined booties.  Same thing can be said about your garden.

Gary Emmett talks about his cherished memories over the years gardening throughout his life.  I look forward to more Happy Gardening Memories to come and less Plant Funerals.  I suggest before you tour a nursery or scour tons of catalogs for seeds that you get your own copy of this extremely helpful book.

 Make sure you share your garden pictures with me.  I will keep you updated on my little patch of Heaven too!!
Gary Emmett

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