Do You Choose Virtues?

In my Opinion you could be the Richest person in the world and still have nothing if you don't have strong Character and virtues under your belt.  Growing up in the Foster Care system I unfortunately saw the ugly side of a lot of people.  Having seen what the lack of character and virtue does to a person I have always made that one of my TOP Priorities to teach my Children.  If you don't teach it and live it, how can they learn it and have it?

It was like Christmas morning when the mailman dropped off our package from Heather McMillan.
For the purpose of my review I was sent a set of Virtue Flash Cards (NIV edition), a sample Parenting Card, the downloadable Teacher's Handbook, a PDF of The Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Pages, and the free download of the Family Character Assessment.
There are 3 editions available right now, secular, KJV and NIV.  During a conference call, I was excited to hear that Heather from We Choose Virtues said she had an older kids version in the works! Mahala and Skylar have this on their wish list already!!!! :)

 I know there are a variety of items listed on the website, it can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to get.  Here are Heather's
top three items:
1. Flashcards ($14.99)
2. Virtue Clues ($5.50)
3. Poster ($15)

 I was so excited after I started using what was given to me for a review I went and ordered the Poster, Parent cards, 100 days of Virtues chart and the Virtue Clues!!!!  Everything is sooooo colorful and Kid friendly, I just love the catchy phrases and the cute names of each character.  This was appealing to Kaden because he is soooo Visual.  If it doesn't stimulate him enough then it would be a No Go from the Get Go! Heather put so much Love and Thought into this wonderful product....You can feel it with each new Virtue you work on with your Kiddos.  I will be a Life Long Customer of We Choose Virtues for sure!!!!

Heather shared some coupon codes for my Awesome Readers!  If you were interested in a homeschool kit, she is extending the coupon code that is listed on her website until the end of April. That will give you 20% off the kit!  There won’t be another coupon like that again until the Black Friday deals!  Code = Home20
The other coupon is for 15% off your total purchase and there is no expiration code on this one!  So, you can use the code over and over again! Code = Virtue15
You can not combine the 2 codes together of course…
Have Fun, I know you and your Family will enjoy this product as much as We have!!!!

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  1. Great Review! I totally agree with you on this ooint, "In my Opinion you could be the Richest person in the world and still have nothing if you don't have strong Character and virtues under your belt".

  2. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Great review! I love how you shared a snippet of your childhood and how you made sure your children are growing with good character which is such a valuable part of being a well rounded person! Precious pictures as well!