It's in the Wrapping

Mahala surprised me one day while our family was in town visiting us.  She's good at doing that!!!!  She made lunch on the day we went to the park and zoo.  I was upstairs getting ready knowing I had to hurry so I could pack the lunches or we would be late.
I walked into the kitchen and there were stacks of sandwiches, labeled and wrapped just like I would have done.  Bags of chips, pudding cups and fruit all lined the counter beside several water bottles filled and labeled.  I couldn't have been more impressed and pleased then at that moment.  Oh I love that GIRL!!!!!!
It's funny that when we think we aren't teaching our kids we are actually teaching them the most.  It's those life lessons and self managing skills that they will benefit the most from as they grow into adults and pursue their dreams and start families of their own.  Now I know Math is important, don't get me wrong.  But, there are many life skills and character qualities that a person needs to learn inorder to be successful at whatever they choose to do. 
Thank you Mahala!!!!!

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