ABA Therapy to the Rescue!

I met with the new ABA Therapist today.  Kaden liked her and thought her office was cool.  At first he was a little stand offish, but with the hopes of playing a video game and a promised ice cream cone afterwards; he went with it.
Navigating the whole Autism world has not been so easy for me.  I'm just taking one step at a time and praying the whole way.  So, not sure how this ABA Therapist will work, but I am hoping for once we hit the jackpot.  More on that later.
So, this weekend was awesome, we played the game settlers Friday and Saturday.  We enjoyed root beer floats, movie nights, friends over for dinner and tons of softball practice.  Tonight Hubby is cooking steaks and I think we will kick back and try to clear some space on the DVR.
More Later


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) So glad to find your blog now too. We have been doing ABA for our son for almost a year. Damian is 11 and we are very much focused on daily living skills for him. It's so hard with our higher functioning kiddos because they look "typical" so people expect them to behave the right way or know everything.

    Our model helps our family as a whole since we have 5 kiddos. It is wonderful. He has learned to shower by himself, tie his shoes, count money correctly, and his tantrum behaviors have dwindled.

    Your son is adorable! I liked the post on seeing black and white. That's Damian! Very literal lol.

    Looking forward toy our journey


  2. Looks like we have 2 literal peas in a pod Marisa! We are hoping it works for us.
    It seems like you guys have went thru a lot lately, I look forward to our journey too. Take Care of yourself.