ABA Therapy to the Rescue!

I met with the new ABA Therapist today.  Kaden liked her and thought her office was cool.  At first he was a little stand offish, but with the hopes of playing a video game and a promised ice cream cone afterwards; he went with it.
Navigating the whole Autism world has not been so easy for me.  I'm just taking one step at a time and praying the whole way.  So, not sure how this ABA Therapist will work, but I am hoping for once we hit the jackpot.  More on that later.
So, this weekend was awesome, we played the game settlers Friday and Saturday.  We enjoyed root beer floats, movie nights, friends over for dinner and tons of softball practice.  Tonight Hubby is cooking steaks and I think we will kick back and try to clear some space on the DVR.
More Later


March March March March

It's official....Kaden does have Autism.  We have been so overwhelmed and busy for the past 2 months I have not even thought about blogging.  But, so much happened that I have to still share.
March:  Kaden did his Evaluation.  Poor boy was so nervous  and worried that he barfed all in the van.  Are you kidding me, I couldn't believe it.  I am one of those people that if I even hear or think I hear someone throwing up I will.  Or at least I will feel sick and dry heave.
So we cleaned him up and ran to Target to buy new clothes, yes it was that bad.  I almost needed to buy a whole new van.  But, thank God for older kids.  They can clean the mess up for you.  My kids have had to clean up barf since they hit about 2 years old or so.  I can handle when there little, but then I give them a bucket, some cleaner and a towel with a swift kick to close the door and I run for the hills.
So, he did pretty much what I thought he would do during the evaluation.  We were told to wait 6 weeks for the results.  That was the longest 6 weeks, but I knew the outcome anyway.  Dad still feels there is nothing wrong.  But, he doesn't see him, but 2 hours a night anyway.  So, I don't think his word will hold in court.  HAHAHAHAHA
March was filled with Mahala going to softball practice and games 4-5 days a week.  Spring Ball is a much needed activity to get her butt in gear.  It takes up a lot of her time, but it is much needed, she loves it.  Skylar worked on his duct tape prom suit and I helped with his dates dress.  I will post pics soon.  Between school, packing to move and all the other life stuff we started to get ready for Easter.  Eggs, dinner, church, celebration and baskets full of treats.
March was full and the promise of a great summer with warm weather loomed in the air most of the month.  April had some good times, but a lot of health complications ended up keeping me flat on my back.  And I'm not talking about sipping on lemonade swaying in the wind on a hammock.