Ocean Critters

So, this week we are going back to school.  I know it's Summer and all, but the Manic Fam has been on Summer break off and on for several months now.  Since Mahala tried to die on us back in late December we have never been the same.
Mahala helped me work with Kaden today.  He is learning about the seasons and now we are talking about late Spring and Summer.  Which prompted the beach/ocean.  And today we made a mural of the ocean.  We learned about different aquatic critters and temperatures.  He had a blast with Mahala gluing, cutting and sorting out the sequence and beads.
Here is the finished product.


Music to My Ears

Mahala has been taking piano lessons and loves it so much.  She sounds so beautiful when she plays and peaceful.  I enjoy hearing the sound of a piano in the background when I'm doing this or that around the house.  She does her homework that her piano teacher, Ryan gives her.  But, she fiddles around as she calls it more often then not.  So here is a portion of a song that she came up with while learning the notes.  I can't wait to see what it ends up becoming.    Hugs to all!!!!
Here is the link to my NEW YouTube channel.  It's soooooooooo new, so check often so you can take a look at it after it's all put together.


The Good Life

This is the life!  No worries, except what to play or eat next.  Just relaxing and thinking of another question he can ask.  HAHAHAH


Let's get this party started

After years of wanting to learn how to play guitar, Skylar has reached success.  Hallelujah, Amen!!!  He bought his first guitar over a year ago.  And it was like we were gonna get lessons....tomorrow...next week.  Okay, like when??  Well finally a year or so has gone by and I met this guy at one of our home school parent meetings.  He graduated from home school last year and has a band of his own.  There was something about him that I liked, he seemed like a really nice kid that put God first in his life.  So I asked if he would like to make a little extra money teaching Skylar.  Turns out to be a perfect fit.  He even comes to the house!!! YAY!!!

So, he has had 5 lessons now and I am kicking myself for not getting him lessons sooner.  He sounds amazing and he LOVES it so much.  I'm very proud of him!!!!