How We do the Homeschool Thing

Everyday is a new chapter in our Family Story. With each turn of the page you don't know what your going to get. I love it that way, it's never dull and the characters are kind of cute. So, I think I have a pretty good book going here.
I'll go into more detail later, maybe I will make a whole homeschool section to keep my ideas organized. But, our main focus is life skills and character. Those things are important to me, so we take every opportunity we can to teach about choices and skills needed out in the world. Math, Literature/English are next on our list. I love that my kids LOVE to read. And it's a good thing because this year alone they each have 15-17 books to read and reports for each one. We do not allow tv, video games or music Monday- Friday until school is done. I do this because in the past I have noticed the kids rushing to get their work done to watch tv or attitudes would get in the way when asked to do something in the evening. So, evenings here you will find even the Kaden who is three reading books.
History and Science around here is kind of a love hate relationship. They love it when it interests them. And make life harder on all of us when they hate it. That's all kids, you know you just have to except it and move on. I try to make it appeal to each child and their learning language. More on that later.
Extra things we do is keep daily journals, dictation, scripture reading, handwriting and copy work. Tons of educational games, regular family games, cooking/home training and manipulatives.
I feel like we are always doing some kind of work, but I enjoy it. We work when we want to work and play when we want to play. I'm not a schedule type person, so I don't have an hour by hour schedule that we keep daily. We do have 1-2 scheduled homeschool event weekly, sports and church. That way the kids do get a taste of what having a schedule is like and being on time. Having Lupus plays a huge part in why we don't allow stress to be apart in homeschooling. Even though right now Skylar is preparing for college so there is more stress then with the other two. He has requirements that need to be met before we head to the admissions department.
More later!


  1. They all look very focused and relaxed. The perfect attitude for learning.

  2. Anonymous11/17/2010

    Your children look happy and that will give them the curiosity to learn. I want to homeschool in your classroom!! Nice going mom. Tammy