I Try to Die Every Night

Last night was my first night using my new breathing machine-CPAP. Oh, did I tell you yet? I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. During my sleep study I stopped breathing on average 14 times every hour. Yes, I said every hour! My oxygen saturation was bellow 80. They considered my case severe.....go figure, right?
My kids told me it was like I tried to die every night. Yesterday I tried on like 5 different masks and found one I could tolerate. Last night I terrified Mahala with it. Kaden was so sweet, like I was hurt or something. He kept rubbing my hair and asking me if I was alright. Too sweet!!
I did sleep well, I was impressed!!!!! I would strongly suggest Anyone who wakes up exhausted or snores to have a sleep study. My clarity this morning was like it was 10 years ago. I felt like I was in a different body. My sleep study showed that all night long I was only asleep 144 minutes. Amazing!! The night I was tested I told the lady that I had a better night sleep there then at home. No wonder she looked at me a little weird.
I'm anxious to try it again tonight. I will continue to update about the whole thing. Tonight I am going to add the humidifier portion. I needed distilled water for it and didn't have any yesterday. What is the difference between distilled, drinking, spring, and all the other waters?????
Thanh and Skylar are still gone. They went to Florida on Friday morning. They went to the Florida South Carolina Game!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I talked to Skylar a few hours ago and he was on cloud nine!!! He is such a grateful child, so precious. He still has the excitement of a young child. I don't think that will ever change. I pray that it doesn't.
They will be home soon and like will go back to normal. Except now I want be dying in my sleep.