Lost hair

If you find any hair please send some to me!! Weird request, I know. Everyday my hair gets thinner and thinner. And for some reason it has become brittle. Ok, I know it's from the chemo treatments, but can I get a break. And I don't mean in hair. HA HA
I feel vain talking about my hair, but oh well. My blog, my hair. I look at my daughter's thick hair and think I remember those days. Days of waking up and knowing that your hair is healthy and on your head. Days where getting a haircut wasn't calculated by the thickness of either side of your head. Please Lord don't let me look like Donald Trump! I used to have soft, dark hair. I still have dark hair where the color will take, but it feels like 30 year old Barbie hair on a bad day. Imagine that for just a minute. HA HA
Mahala complains about her hair too. It's to hot, I can't get the shampoo out or I don't want to brush it. Tough shit I tell her. Be thankful you don't have this. And then I make a goofy face while running my fingers through what I do have. She laughs most of the time. Sometimes she just rolls her eyes and rattles off "whatever Mom".
I tell her honey if your hot put it up, add some conditioner with your shampoo and if you don't want to brush it then walk around like a little animal. It's all good!!!!!


  1. The good thing is that short hair is so in style right now, especially with it being summer. Sport your cute haircut and don't worry about what used to be. I'm sure it looks really cute on you.

  2. when my mom went thru chemo and she lost her hair I thought she looked so darn cute!!! Its a hard thing to go thru I send a big (HUG) your way....stay positive and know that you are beautiful...hair or no hair!!

  3. I don't think it's vain - it's your hair. Some things deserve to be complained about.