Long 3 Weeks

I went to the Doctor the other day. I was thrilled because my blood pressure is beautiful and weight is steady. YEAH!!!!! We are adding a new med and ditching one of the ones I have been on forever. This pill gave me so many side effects, but no relief for my blood pressure. Crazy! So, I asked her if I could take a pee test because I thought I might have a bladder infection. She laughed and said that if I had an infection I would know. I wanted to be sure so she went ahead and tested me. Sure enough I have a bladder infection. Lucky me.....I was right.
So, I went to get my lovely antibiotic and looked behind the local stores for boxes. The kids get so embarrassed that I search for boxes. I tell them that were moving! What am I supposed to pack our treasures in, hefty sacks! I can't afford to buy boxes. Just to give you an idea as to how much crap we are dealing with. I packed 16 boxes just in crafts and scrap booking stuff. It's crazy I know. And to think that we got rid of stuff that we didn't want or couldn't use anymore. This is going to be a long 3 weeks.

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