Let's Celebrate!

Skylar is officially a High School Student. Yeah!!!!!! We did it!!! I say we because I've been right there in the trenches with him. He has worked so hard it's insane. I think homeschooling has given him not only confidence, but the feeling of being in control of his education. He knows that if he works hard he'll get his work done. And then he can relax or move on to the next lesson. Most of the time he moves on to the next lesson. And that makes me so proud to see his determination and desire for education. So, Saturday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Mahala has been wanting to go for awhile now, so we thought we could do it for an end of the year thing. We just played games, no pizza. Because afterwards we went out for an early dinner at one of Skylar's favorite restaurants and then hit the Mall.

P.S. I'm very proud and thankful for all my children. Congratulations Skylar!! I knew you would overcome all the educational obstacles that you have had and be Successful. I never doubted you!


  1. Congratulations to Skylar and to you on a job very well done!

  2. That's awesome! You should be proud of you too--for being such a hands-on homeschooling mom! :) Congrats!