The Swine Flu Movie

So the news is saying that the Swine flu is going to blow in and blow right back out. I have to admit I checked our food supplies, stocked up on water and picked up an extra set of prescriptions. Was I worried about this thing? Yes I was , I have no immune system and kids to think about. But, I tried not to get all freaked out like I did when the Bird Flu poked it's head into the news. I was like a Super Freak on steroids, coffee and crack during that thing.
So, now they are saying that they think the swine flu is going to be no more harmful then the everyday flu. A friend of mine reminded me that every year nearly 40,000 people die from the "normal" flu. Who knew? I didn't know that.
Tonight I read that the WHO can't even give a correct number of cases or deaths. So I was telling Skylar that what probably happened was someone that knew someone that was sick in Mexico leaned over and told one person. Then that person told another that called her Aunt that emailed her brother and so on. Until it reached CA when then it got blown out of proportion. Hell, people in L.A. probably have a "The Swine Flu Movie"script finished & ready to announce casting calls. Too bad they'll have to sell the movie rights to Lifetime....no Big screen movie deal now. Isn't is sad that negativity sells.
Honestly, I pray it all blows over and everyone stays healthy and strong. But, just on the safe side I'm picking up some dehydrated meals at REI this weekend. There is a huge sale going on!


  1. I think it's a great opportunity to be prepared at all cost for any type of danger ;) Also, a good lesson of handwashing to drill into our own heads and our children's too.

    I do worry but I'm trying not to panic.

  2. I have to say Mahala has washed her hands more the past few weeks. And making sure Kaden's are too. I think it has been a reminder to stop & think before you walk out of the bathroom or reach for food. Kids think nothing bad will ever happen or that it's just "us" nagging. My kids are thinking a little different now, that's for sure.

  3. I stopped by Wal-mart the other day, because I was feeling a little freaky about the swine flu. I wanted to get some hand santizer, they were OUT!! Wal-mart was OUT! Everyone must have had the same idea.

    I have been worrying to, because I've had this cold, but then I think, is it really a cold or something else. AHHHH!!

    Girl, have a great week ok! Oh and my Mama said, wash your hands.

  4. Yeah I had nervous feeling about the whole swine flu thing last week and went to the store and the kids went to bed and stocked up on a few items. Just in case. I always feel better though when I have a well stock freezer/pantry/fridge.
    I do hope it all blow over. I did hear on the news that it might make a reappearance when flu season comes around later this year though.