What's in your camera?

Here are just a few pics that I have hanging around....thought I'd share.
We saw this the other day & Skylar about broke his neck trying to take this picture before I had to turn. Pretty interesting I thought.

Blast from the past.....So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!! I miss those days. :-) We were at one of our favorite playgrounds in San Fran.
This pic makes me think of a food bank poster. Feed the hungry, except he is never hungry.
Another Blast from the past. Here we were in a hotel in South CA. Mahala used to wear my pink Mary Kay sunglasses everywhere.
Please tell me that you see what I see in this pic. I think Kaden's scare looks like Idaho, right? What do you think.....I may be crazy, but I think it's Idaho baby!!!!!

We still have our Thanksgiving Thankful tree up up. I'm a tad embarrassed, but at least you can't see the pile of clothes beside it. HA HA HA


Manic Mom turns 1#

What a week!!!
*First Skylar and I celebrated our Birthday on the 7th. We had a nice quiet Birthday at home. Last year was anything but quiet. Skylar surprised me with a Birthday party.
*This time last year was when I began blogging. Wow, it's been a year already, can't believe it. I guess I should celebrate a Blog Birthday too. Manic Mom is a year old!!!
*Skylar had friends stay over for the weekend and Mahala went to six flags with the Girl Scouts.
*Mother's Day was wonderful- I had seafood....been craving that for weeks.
*This week Thanh has been out of town for work. It's been lonely without him at home, but we also have been so busy.
*The kids dragged themselves through Star testing this week, today was the last day. Thank you Lord.
*Now we're cleaning up and trying to make the house look nice for Thanh. When he comes home he will be surprised that Mahala & Skylar did the front and side yard for him. It no longer looks like something from the Discovery channel.
*Summer is almost here, which means I can smell the sunscreen and taste the homemade lemonade. It also means more writing for me. I sent out a few letters last week to some local writers. I would like to find an agent that is in my neck of the woods, but I'm not sure how important that really is. Right now I'm picking out some key scriptures that I found important growing up. A few stick out as favorites and some my survival nets.
*Tomorrow we start our week of school work now that testing is finally over. Poor kids....I'm going to still squeeze in a good 4 days of work into the next 2 days. We will see if it gets done. We may need Saturday too.
*Thanh is here and all the kids are screamin'. Better help Dad out!!


Weekend Review

For hours we "Supervise" Kaden's daily projects. He is always organizing and grouping things together. Some people tell me that's a sign he is intelligent, I say it's a sign that I don't keep the house clean enough for him. :-)

It's amazing to watch, because he gets this intense look on his face. The only word you can say to break his concentration is..........Snack. Just like any man if you mention food he'll look up. At least I know he's normal, right?

What did the Manic Family do this weekend?

*I got to spend time with Mahala.
*Skylar went on a submarine tour with friends of ours. He is all into anything Military.
*I taught the kids how to fry chicken.
*We played 3 games of Monopoly and 2 games of Phase 10.
*Washed too many loads of clothes.
*Baked bread with Skylar.
*Watched Hotel Dogs and Ratatouille as a family.
*Enjoyed takeout from a new Tai restaurant.
*Played Memory with Kaden for hours.
*Clipped coupons with the kids.
Aren't we exciting? I mean it's crazy fun over here.....HA HA HA HA.


The Swine Flu Movie

So the news is saying that the Swine flu is going to blow in and blow right back out. I have to admit I checked our food supplies, stocked up on water and picked up an extra set of prescriptions. Was I worried about this thing? Yes I was , I have no immune system and kids to think about. But, I tried not to get all freaked out like I did when the Bird Flu poked it's head into the news. I was like a Super Freak on steroids, coffee and crack during that thing.
So, now they are saying that they think the swine flu is going to be no more harmful then the everyday flu. A friend of mine reminded me that every year nearly 40,000 people die from the "normal" flu. Who knew? I didn't know that.
Tonight I read that the WHO can't even give a correct number of cases or deaths. So I was telling Skylar that what probably happened was someone that knew someone that was sick in Mexico leaned over and told one person. Then that person told another that called her Aunt that emailed her brother and so on. Until it reached CA when then it got blown out of proportion. Hell, people in L.A. probably have a "The Swine Flu Movie"script finished & ready to announce casting calls. Too bad they'll have to sell the movie rights to Lifetime....no Big screen movie deal now. Isn't is sad that negativity sells.
Honestly, I pray it all blows over and everyone stays healthy and strong. But, just on the safe side I'm picking up some dehydrated meals at REI this weekend. There is a huge sale going on!