Mahala said to call 911

Today I was scared to death and given my life history that doesn't happen all the time.
This morning I decided to go meet Heather for coffee. Skylar offered to watch Kaden, so I wouldn't have to run around chasing the Beast. After making breakfast for Kaden I decided to slip out without the normal I love you's a million times. Of all mornings, I didn't give Kaden and the other two countless hugs and kisses.

I hopped in the van, still putting on my makeup. Yes, I was running late...no surprise there. I met up with Heather and we ordered our drinks. I pulled my phone out of my purse like normal, just incase the kids had a question or needed me to tell them to quit fighting, shut up and make up with one another.

It had to have been less then 5 minutes into our conversation when my phone rang. It was Skylar yelling and crying at me that Kaden had fallen and hit his head. That he wasn't moving and he was scared. Mahala was screaming in the back and saying that he needed to call 911. OMG!!!! I was so freaked out and scared that It took all I had to gather my purse and tell Heather I had to go that Kaden had fallen. People, I Ran out of the door and across the same parking lot that just 10 minutes prior I had hobbled in pain from my van. In the whole year Skylar has been allowed to baby-sit he has never had to call me about an injury. I had never heard him upset and scared like that before. He'll be 15 in a few weeks and he is very responsible. So, I knew that whatever happened could have happened with anyone watching him, not just him. Why are our precious babies so fragile? Life, it's self is precious and beautiful.

After getting out of the parking lot and onto the main road I called him again. He said that Kaden was sitting up now and I could hear him crying in the background. Crying is a good thing I told him. I had him explain his activity to me until I was pulling into the driveway. Thank the Lord our town is small and I was roughly 4-5 minutes away.

When I walked into the house Skylar just fell apart. I took a quick look at Kaden and then tried to calm Skylar down. Skylar explained that Kaden was coloring at the table and fell off the chair onto the tile. Skylar was overwhelmed with the thought that something serious could have happened while he was babysitting. I tried to calm him down while checking Kaden's head and there wasn't even a bruise, praise God. Actually at that point Kaden was organizing slips of paper by color and telling Mahala what color they were. We are going to keep an eye on him for the next few days, just incase. I told the kids today we should stay on the carpet. :-)

Thankfully he was ok and I made a promise to myself. I promised that I would never sneak out again without those million I Love Yous wuth hugs and kisses again!!!!!!


  1. Praise the Lord he is okay! And that you kept your cool. And you are so right about the kisses and hugs, life is very crazy. Get em in while you can.
    On another note- I love your children's names. Awesome

  2. I HATE when that panic sets in!